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Sánchez bets on Zamora to give opportunities beyond Madrid

The President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, expressed this Saturday his “conviction” about the need to undertake a decentralization process in the country. The socialist leader considered that it is “necessary” to distribute growth and opportunities, through measures such as installing new institutions “outside Madrid”. That was one of the most outstanding messages of the intervention of the head of the Executive in the meeting organized by the PSOE in the Ramos Carrión Theater. The party turned to support its most prominent figure and to envelop its candidate for the presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León, Luis Tudanca, who was also present at the public act, in that environment.

Sánchez moved to the city, precisely, to once again support the regional leader of his party, in the midst of an electoral battle in Castilla y León. There are two weeks left before the appointment with the polls and the Prime Minister seems willing to give a boost to Tudanca’s campaign and try to mobilize a left that is struggling with the illusion of regaining power in the Board after 35 years of management right.

In that framework, decentralization and issues related to the demographic challenge took center stage in Sánchez’s speech, who returned to a stage already known to him. In March 2019, in the middle of the campaign for the general elections, the then President of the Government intervened in the same place to commit himself to the Monte la Reina project. This Saturday, with endorsement of having consigned twenty million euros for this project in the General State Budgets, the socialist leader took up the issue again and launched another announcement about the barracks. “In the next few days, we will take to the Council of Ministers the declaration of interest for the National Defense of Monte la Reina”, cried the PSOE president.

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Sánchez returned to the same stage where he made the commitment to Monte la Reina

Sánchez clarified that the government’s green light will serve to “start up the materialization of the project.” Once the Council of Ministers approves the declaration, the start of work will be subject to more technical issues. “The impact for the province is going to be 40 million euros”, predicted the chief executive, who defended the advantages of the arrival of the military to the barracks from the demographic point of view and “the generation of wealth and prosperity for Zamora”.

The moment that Sánchez chose to make this announcement made it clear that the Government has promoted this military project with an eye toward depopulation. The president linked his words on Monte la Reina with his previous speech on the demographic challenge, and spoke of other movements in this line towards provinces such as Segovia, Soria or Burgos.

Constant support to Luis Tudanca

The President of the Government focused on the territories where the next electoral battle is being fought, and also made an effort to constantly emphasize his support for Luis Tudanca, whom he expects as an “ally” within the Government of the Junta. Nobody escapes that a triumph in Castile and Leon It would reinforce Sánchez at the beginning of the endless electoral cycle that is looming until the 2023 general elections.

During his speech, the socialist leader made reference, in turn, to the “crossroads” in which society is situated from different points of view and demanded that citizens choose a progressive model to lead the management of the future. “On February 13 it is important to go vote and fill the ballot boxes with change and hope,” he warned. Sánchez, who stressed that “there is only one ballot” that guarantees this turn of the wheel in the community.

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From then on, the President of the Government endeavored to vindicate the achievements that, in his opinion, the PSOE during the last months at the head of the management of the country. Sánchez cited the steps forward after the serious health crisis and compared his model with the one used by the Popular Party to face the adverse situation in 2008: “You can get out of these situations by moving forward or backward. With the PP, each Council of Ministers was a social cut; with us, another advance”, highlighted the leader of the Socialists.

Pedro Sánchez also boasted about the vaccination process or the latest unemployment data, figures that allowed him to talk about “the employment legislature” and that served to repeat that the PP has become “in a negationist party” with his references to Spain as “a bankrupt country”. The president continued with the shielding of pensions, with the social bonus for the rent of young people or with the imminent approval of the Housing Law.

The president defends the cleanliness of his own: “We have glass pockets”

The enumeration of these performances raised the applause of an audience dedicated to the cause. Half a thousand socialists chanted Sánchez to the cry of “president”, while the aforementioned continued with his address focused on the balance of the road traveled in recent months: “With the formula of social democracy you can get out of crises faster and more fairly,” insisted the leader of the PSOE, who pointed out that his coming to power in 2018 was produced through “a motion of censure against corruption” and that he set the current Executive as an example of cleanliness: “We have glass pockets,” he asserted.

After these references Pedro Sanchez He dedicated himself to talking about public services, under the premise that “individual progress cannot be understood without the collective”. The President of the Government made other notes about health, education and the fight against gender violence, and closed that block with a plea in favor of feminism: “It is an integrating movement in which many men of this country that we want equality”, affirmed the social democratic leader.

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Already at the closing, the maximum representative of the PSOE pulled statistics to point out that the investments of the central government in Castilla y León have increased by 26% with respect to those made by the Executive of Mariano Rajoy throughout his mandate. Sánchez used that figure as another argument to call on the left to “fill the ballot boxes to the cry of change” and to trust Tudanca as the visible face of the new stage.

Complaint by the PP

After the act of the PSOE in Zamora, the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, assured this Saturday in Segovia that, if the announcement made by the President of the Government in relation to the old military camp of mount the queen, they will denounce him before the Electoral Board for having communicated it during a rally.

Casado disfigured the president who announces during an electoral act “government issues” that “all Spaniards” pay with their taxes, regardless of whether they “vote for the PSOE, vote for the PP or vote for whoever they want… That is something that is not known.” can do”, settled.

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