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Sánchez confirms Lastra as number two in the party after the PSOE congress

Pedro Sánchez and Adriana Lastra.

Pedro Sánchez and Adriana Lastra.

The federal executive of the PSOE that is born from the 40th Federal Congress, which will be held in mid-October in Valencia, already has a confirmed person. Adriana Lastra. She will continue to be number two in the party. The Deputy Secretary General, the position she has held since June 2017, since the previous conclave. The leader’s right hand.

Pedro Sánchez confirmed this Sunday, in an interview in ‘El País’, what was expected, what was taken for granted in Ferraz for months. That Lastra would remain, she would, in the core of power of the Prime Minister and Secretary General. Already without the stripes of spokesman for the Socialists in Congress, a position that Hector Gómez from the Canary Islands, a national deputy since 2019 and former general director of Turespaña, will play from this Monday.

The Chief Executive emphasizes that Lastra “has done an extraordinary job” in Parliament. At the top, in fact, they point out that important votes have not been lost, thanks to their work of dialogue with the groups. “As of the federal congress in October, as deputy secretary general, she will have a 100% dedication to the party, because we have municipal and regional elections in 2023, and then the general elections at the end of 2023.”

When Sánchez undertook the remodeling of the Government, on July 10, he dismounted José Luis Ábalos from the Ministry of Transport. A movement that nobody expected and that, in fact, has not yet been explained by the leader, although in Ferraz they allude to “multiple reasons.” Ábalos later resigned from the powerful Organization Secretariat of the PSOE. Sánchez then decided that Lastra, number two, would assume a greater internal role and take charge of the organization of the 40th Congress. By his side, Santos Cerdán, who had been Ábalos’ right hand man and who now received the title of Secretary of Organization. The president agreed with Lastra and Cerdán that the post of spokesperson in Congress would be assumed, starting in September, by Héctor Gómez, just as the vacancy in the Senate would be held by the deputy secretary of the PSC, Eva Granados.

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Pull the municipalities

Lastra, by giving up the spokesperson in the lower house, loses visibility and public projection, but in his environment they defend that he does not give up power. And, in fact, the leader continues to trust her fully, as evidenced by the fact that she was the first confirmed for the 40th Congress.

In the interview, Sánchez returns to the argumentation that he has used since July to justify the vast internal restructuring (ministerial and in the PSOE). “There are months that are worth years. We have lived through a terrible pandemic. We have had two, three Councils of Ministers a week, with very tough decisions. That has a personal cost too.. Politics is made by people who have to give up their family life to defend what they most want, which is their country. I am very grateful for what all the ministers and ministers have done. Many of them have accompanied me even before I became president. It is also important that in this new stage of economic recovery the equipment is renewed, that new blood enters. The PSOE has a lot of quarry, and the best quarry it has is the municipalist, and it is precisely where I have gone to make that recovery“The chief executive refers to the signing, for his Cabinet, of the former mayors Isabel Rodríguez (Government spokesperson and head of Territorial Policy), Raquel Sánchez (Transport) and Diana Morant (Science and Innovation).

The predictable thing is that also the Navarrese Santos Cerdán is ratified, in the 40th Congress, as Secretary of Organization of the PSOE. It is trusted by the president and Lastra and accompanied Sánchez from the beginning, also through the difficult primaries he fought with Susana Díaz. Since 2018, when Sánchez acceded to Moncloa, he was in charge of the day-to-day operation of the apparatus as head of Territorial Coordination, but the fall of Ábalos cleared the way for him to occupy the position of head in an area of ​​key power in the PSOE, Organization.

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Nothing is known with certainty regarding the new direction emanating from the 40th Congress. As this Saturday reported this newspaper, in Ferraz they assure that it will be “shorter” than the current one (which started with 49 members), of greater political weight and with new faces. In the PSOE it is pointed out that the two coordinators of the presentation, Hana Jalloul (current spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly) and the MEP Lina Gálvez, in addition to the strong man of the Government, the head of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños.

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