Sunday, September 26

Sánchez considers that Lastra leaves the spokesperson to overturn in the game

Adriana Lastra could end up assuming, after the Federal Congress, the total command of the PSOE with the task of keeping the party greased for the next regional and general elections. In return, she would be released from her functions as spokesperson in Congress and would have on her shoulders the firm tutelage of the organization, which until now had rested more autonomously in José Luis Ábalos. That is one of the hypotheses that circulate among PSOE leaders, although the truth is that no one knows what plans Pedro Sánchez has in the face of the party’s rearmament process that is expected after the federal congress. If something has shown Sánchez After the last reorganization of his cabinet, it is his ability to surprise his own and even dispense with his closest ones to pursue the objectives that he considers most immediate.

The Madrid elections marked a before and after in Pedro Sánchez’s perception of the exclusive strength of government action when it came to winning at the polls. Precisely the overwhelming victory of the popular Isabel Díaz Ayuso opened a crisis in the PSOE: it is not enough, as the former chief of staff of Pedro Sánchez considered, Ivan Redondo, with the messages of the Executive, but the mobilization of the party is essential.

A large part of the territorial leaders of the PSOE interpret precisely that some appointments of Pedro Sánchez in the new Council of Ministers seek to establish new regional leaderships in the face of the next elections. With that focus on the upcoming electoral appointments, the party’s capacity for mobilization becomes a key element.

Adriana Lastra, one of the people closest to Pedro Sánchez and who was part of the hard core that encouraged the current President to resume the battle for control of the party after having resigned, has survived the reshuffle carried out by the socialist leader , although it focused solely on the Government. But after the unexpected departure of Ábalos, Adriana Lastra has a free way to become the one who fully takes the helm of the party to have it ready in the next elections.

In socialist media it is speculated that after the federal congress Pedro Sánchez, whose framework-presentation is presented today, also executes a reorganization of the spokespersons in Congress and the Senate to face the second half of the mandate, and that Adriana Lastra come out internally reinforced as the benchmark of the party. The pending substitution of Rafael Simancas placeholder image as secretary of the socialist group in Congress and the need to appoint a spokesperson in the Senate after the jump of Ander Gil to the presidency of the Upper House replacing Pilar Llop, new Minister of Justice. In any case, the unknowns will not be cleared up until after the federal congress, scheduled for October 15, 16, 17 in Valencia.

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