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Sánchez conveys to Tijanovskaya Spain’s commitment to a democratic future in Belarus

Pedro Sánchez and Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tijanovskaya.

Pedro Sánchez and Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tijanovskaya.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has transferred the Belarusian opposition leader this Thursday Svetlana Tijanovskaya, Spain’s commitment to a democratic future for Belarus in the face of the repression carried out by the president, Alexander Lukashenko, whose re-election for a sixth term in August 2020 is not recognized by the EU.

Sánchez has closed his visit to Lithuania with a meeting with the Belarusian opposition, winner according to the opposition of last summer’s elections and who lives in exile in the Baltic country from shortly after.

The meeting, as reported by Moncloa, has allowed to exchange views on the evolution of recent events in Belarus, the need for a democratic transition in the country and the situation of political prisoners.

In this sense, Sánchez “has reiterated the commitment and solidarity of Spain with civil society to achieve a democratic future, his call for an end to the violence of the Lukashenko regime and the immediate release of those arbitrarily imprisoned, together with the establishment of responsibilities for serious human rights violations. ”

Likewise, the President of the Government has expressed his support for the sanctions imposed against Lukashenko and his regime for the Twenty-seven, as a result of the repression of the protests against the re-election of the president and the persecution of the opposition and on the occasion of the interception of a Ryanair plane that was traveling to Lithuania to arrest an opponent.

In addition, she has transferred to Tijanovskaya her “deepest personal solidarity” since her husband the activist Sergei Tijanovski – who was to be a presidential candidate and whose witness she later took – has been imprisoned since May 2020.

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“Happy to meet the president of Spain in person,” Tijanovskaya wrote on his Twitter, that during a visit to Spain a few months ago he could not see Sánchez because he was in quarantine due to a contact with a positive COVID -19.

“I have informed him about the repression against free media in Belarus,” he indicated, specifying that they have agreed to “develop rehabilitation programs for political prisoners and families” as well as “Help companies and start-ups to move from Belarus to Spain”.

Meeting with Sabonis

Before this meeting, Sánchez also met the president of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation, Arvydas Sabonis, who played for Real Madrid years ago.

“Sport plays a key role in the rapprochement and mutual knowledge between nations and societies,” claimed the president on his Twitter, highlighting that Sabonis is “a whole Lithuanian benchmark in the world of basketball“.

“His professional performance constitutes a bridge in the relations between our countries”, stressed the president, that with his visit to Lithuania ends a tour that has also taken him to Estonia and Latvia.

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