Tuesday, January 19

Sánchez expresses his “concern” about the assault on the US Capitol

Protesters enter the Capitol

Protesters enter the Capitol

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has shown through Twitter his “concern” for the assault on the US Capitol that followers of Donald Trump have led. “I follow with concern the news that comes from the Capitol in Washington. I am confident in the strength of America’s democracy“.

“The new presidency of Joe Biden will overcome the stage of tension, uniting the American people,” Sánchez wrote on the social network after learning about the assault by the protesters in favor of Donald Trump in the US Congress, where shots have been heard and there has been a gunshot wound.

Other politicians have also begun to condemn, through this same social network, what is happening in the Capitol. The deputy secretary general of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, has published the following message: “They have stormed the Capitol encouraged by a fanatic. Fascism of the 21st century has been going strong“.

We can have stated: “Trump calls for a coup and his followers storm the Capitol. An attack on full-blown democracy. This is the result of the antidemocratic and incendiary speeches of the extreme right. They lose respect for institutions when they do not serve their interests. ”

Also Pablo Echenique, parliamentary spokesman for the purple formation, has written: “Trump has called for the coup and his followers of the violent extreme right have entered the Capitol when the plenary session was being held to confirm Biden. They had to suspend it” .

And he added: “Trump, a coup sociopath, is VOX’s political leader. So that we can locate ourselves “.

For his part, Íñigo Errejón (Más Madrid) has published: “If what is happening in Washington were happening further south, we would have legions of commentators and analysts talking about ‘failed state’ or ‘lack of institutional maturity'”.

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