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Sánchez Gordillo wants children not to teach Religion in class, but in churches




That the full inMarinaleda dealing with issues that do not concern the municipality at all is no longer a novelty. Neither are they anything democratic, either. The last plenary session held in this municipality that has governed for more than 42 years without interruption Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo hasa state marked by the “surrealism” of the subjects dealt with and by the “indignation” caused in the opposition.

On the table, topics as ‘current’ as Afghanistan or others like religion classes they marked the plenary session in which two manifestos were read that counted on the rejection of Avanza Marinaleda, a party that was 44 votes away from achieving the Mayor’s Office in the last municipal elections.

«It is a shame that

these points are brought to a plenary session. The plenary sessions are to resolve important issues for the people. This city council holds ordinary plenary sessions because it is required by law and because that is how they were made to see it when we denounced the Andalusian Ombudsman and the Government for not holding plenary sessions for nine months in 2020, but the issues to be discussed are far from the important issues for the people », Explained yesterday to ABC Cristina Martin, spokesman for the opposition group.

Due to the state of health of the historical communist alderman after the stroke suffered more than two years ago, it is his deputy mayor, Sergio Gómez, who is in charge of directing the plenary sessions, although on this occasion it was even the auditor himself who had to read some of the surreal manifestos —Signed by Sánchez Gordillo’s own fist— which were discussed when they later joined the plenary session held electronically. And as a sample, a couple of examples.

“Since the human being put an object and called it God, he has always been concerned about the afterlife and what will happen after death …”, that’s how point four of the plenary session began. While reading a cumbersome text on religions, the ruling party finally approved a manifesto in which parents were asked not to take their children to “religion classes in schools and it was the crucifix “, but rather that these were” imparted in the churches “, since” there they will be duly cared for. ” What it does not say is that the competence in education is of the Junta de Andalucía in this case.

The City Council also undertook that «We are not going to allow the bishops to appoint the professors of Religion, a subject that has to disappear, neither by active nor passive.»Since« educational freedom cannot consent to the indoctrination that not only occurs in religion, but also in representing processions … », to end with the fact that« all monotheistic religions are a lie, because they put superstitions or superstitions on the kids. what is worse, submission and submission to the ruling classes.

For Cristina Martín, “each person should be free to choose what they believe, both political and religious beliefs or of any kind and no Democratic city council should influence“, For which he had the vote against his party for this proposal far from the reality of the town of Marinaleda” which owes three million euros to the administrations and the projects that are going to be carried out … but not here they are accountable for nothing, not all this is necessary or important according to them. To be a democrat is to do all this and the plenary must be an instrument for democracy to be fulfilled, “he commented.

“It would be necessary to start up and revitalize the industrial estate, where instead of companies there are garbage and polluting waste, they should provide favorable conditions for our farmers or that all workers have decent working conditions and their breaks and vacations are respected” , Martin concluded.

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