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Sanchez had seen in Redondo – Information

An image of Pedro Sánchez with Iván Redondo.

An image of Pedro Sánchez with Iván Redondo.

The Government runs out of astronauts. Pedro Sanchez makes a turn in Redondo, it decrees the end of a legend, the disappearance of the Merlin sorcerer who absorbed too much prominence. La Moncloa excuses mistakes, but does not forgive those who overshadow the president. In a casting requirement, none the new ministers outweighs the outgoing in political weight.

Sánchez proclaims himself the sole arbiter of the situation. It happens to itself, it does not allow itself to be advised. In its summary appearance it was placed under the anodyne title “green, digital and feminist”, who would preach otherwise. If you want another symptom of Caesarism, there is the reluctance with which the remodeling communicates to the King. Or the peremptory review of the newcomers, as if they were grooms instead of ministers.

Sánchez’s mistake consists of forget that a lesser government will give you more work. The incorporation of third-level mayors is interpreted by the La Moncloa fifes as an ascent of municipalism, when it is only a promotion of insignificance. Nobody who had not glossed yesterday the Olympic stature of the mayors of Gavà, Gandía or Puertollano can today cheer their promotion as a longed-for blessing.

At first, it was anticipated that the departure of Pablo Iglesias pacified the executive and guaranteed him a long life. It will be coincidence, but the left has not won an electoral poll since May. As soon as the common enemy with a ponytail disappeared, Carmen Calvo and Redondo began to fight among themselves. The rivals have been beheaded in unison, in a Francoist trait that also has precedents in González and Aznar.

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In number two only theorist of the vice presidency, Nadia Calvin could occupy the same position with the PP, and no one should rule out that this happens. Regarding the unexpected eclipse of Ábalos, a loss for the big builders, it only remains to find out how long it will take to openly deny the pardons.

Despite gathering the most hated ministers, We can not touch, a natural immunity that surprises in Madrid because in the centripetal capital they will never understand a coalition. The promotion by dismissal of Yolanda Díaz should not be interpreted as her consolidation in the leadership of Podemos, but as her approach to the PSOE in which she will end up as a militant like all ex-communists.

The exteriorized González Laya piled up more gaffes than interventions. He headed the list of scolding ministers, along with Celaá, Marlaska or María Jesús Montero fortunately removed from the spokesperson. Sacrifice outdoors it’s painless in exchange for a profitable nod to Rabat, who can congratulate himself on having won the neighborhood duel.

The maintenance of the police ministers calms the sphere of public order, but the perpetuation of the covid team is astonishing, with Calviño in the money, Reyes Maroto indissolubly linked to the tourist disaster and a Carolina Darias that stages with very limited success the Government’s transition to denialism of convenience. Sánchez himself speaks of “recovery from the pandemic” with the infections unleashed, in what is at least an exercise in voluntarism.

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It would not make sense to extend into non-existent ministers such as Uribes, the Angel Gabilondo of the Government, which has garnered more attention on the day of his dismissal than during his months of government anomaly. The revolving doors begin to activate in Redondo, and Madrid demands his learned opinion on the remodeling from Inés Arrimadas, leader of a defunct party whose name no one wants to remember.


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