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Sánchez, in the hands of the right to carry out the agreement with Biden on Rota




Pedro Sánchez insists on distancing himself more and more from the center-right formations, precisely when his alignment with them will be seen more on some foreign policy issues. Without going any further, the President of the Government assured yesterday, in an interview on Cadena Ser, that both the Popular Party (PP) and Vox are not “autonomous” political formations, since they depend, in his opinion, on certain economic powers. and his “hidden and obscure interests”.

The same powers that supposedly, and as the chief executive has been repeating since the weekend, after presenting the new aid decree against rising prices and announcing a new tax on energy companies, consider that the current cabinet is « very annoying» for their interests.

Some statements that were made the day after his meeting with the US President Joe Biden in La Moncloa
where both reported an agreement to increase the North American fleet at the Rota base (Cádiz) by another two destroyers (there are currently four).

The agreement was taken for granted, and the White House made it known before it was formally announced Biden and Sanchez. But it supposes a substantial modification of the Agreement for cooperation in defense matters between both countries and as such, it must first go through the table of the Council of Ministers and then be endorsed by the Congress of Deputies. And to achieve this, the support of the first opposition party seems essential. Everything indicates that the president’s pro-independence partners will once again be disloyal to him.

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The number two of the PP, Cuca Gamarrain statements to the media yesterday in the corridors of the Lower House, made it clear, when asked about this eventuality, that this will be the case: «The PP will not fail the Spanish, and will always rise to the occasion, especially in what has to do with defense and security »he sentenced.

For its part, Vox has not yet clarified whether they will support the agreement with the US, but they do not reject it. “We are very happy that that individual who said a few years ago that he would abolish the Ministry of Defense, today is thinking of increasing not spending, but investment in Defense, as Vox has been claiming for many years», expressed Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, parliamentary spokesman.

United We Can intensified its pressure on Sánchez to open an independent investigation into the deaths in the assault on the Melilla fence and, however, they are avoiding clarifying what their position will be when the expansion of the US military deployment in Spain is voted on. “There is talk but until I know the details, I will not say anything,” he said. the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzónalso leader of the United Left.

Sources from United We Can explained in the courtyard of Congress that they do not like at all the pact reached with the US to introduce two new destroyers in Rota, but that they will not make a statement “until the NATO Summit is over.” This is not the time to raise your voice. Out of loyalty, it goes without saying, they don’t want to break the dead calm that is palpable these days.

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But yesterday in Congress they already let the discomfort and concern for the minority that binds them against these decisions of the Socialists be noticed in the corridors. It is not the first time that the PSOE has had to remind them that they do not control the Ministry of Defense.

“We don’t like the pact”

The leader of United We Can who showed his disagreement the most was the president of the parliamentary group, Jaume Asens: «The IPC is not going to go down by bringing North American destroyers. The IPC is going to go down by expanding the social shield, not with more weapons and more tanks». Asens continued: “We don’t like that pact, it means more soldiers and more destroyers and a greater submission and dependence of Spain on the US.”

But quickly the president of the purple group stressed that they have not made a decision: «We still have to decide the votebut it is clear that our position is different (from that of the PSOE), we have not yet discussed how that position is going to be defended, but the solution is not more soldiers and more destroyers in Rota».

Bildu and ERC reject it

Everything indicates that the president will not be able to rely on the investiture partners either; The right-wing benches of PP and Vox would be the only guarantees for him at this time. Yesterday, the ERC Defense spokesman in Congress, Gerald Alvarez, he blurted out during the plenary session: “Everything that is a military increase, Esquerra will never be in favor of it.” In addition, Alvarez defined the pact with Biden as “an understandable decision by a militaristic state.”

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In the same line, Jon Iñárritu, deputy for Bilduopposed the enlargement: «The arms race, the investment in weapons, will not lead us to a scenario of peace, the priority must be to find solutions for peace, otherwise it will have a humanitarian repercussion and also in energy and in prices of all products.

The parties to the left of the PSOE are not to the liking of the harmony exhibited between Biden and the US leader. In his interview on Tuesday, and in particular that Sánchez took as a reference for the bilateral cooperation agreement the one that in his day signed by the governments of José María Aznar and George W. Bush, in 2001.

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