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Sánchez once again skips the law by not disclosing his legislative plans for 2021 and 2022




New legal violation of government that already accumulates three decree-laws declared unconstitutional by the TC and more than a dozen opposition appeals pending resolution by the courts.

The transgression occurs this time because the Government has not disclosed its Annual Regulatory Plan to 2022, despite the fact that the law required him to do so before April 30. It rains in the wet because last year it did not present the calendar of laws referring to this 2021 and it is also skipping its obligations regarding the approval and publication of the Annual Regulatory Evaluation Report on the texts that entered into force in previous years.

As a result, after more than half the year, no one knows about the bulk of the legislative projects prepared by the 22 ministries of Pedro Sanchez for the last quarter or what they intend to regulate next year.

The government limits itself to advancing only the projects that interest it for electoral reasons and by not revealing its legislative plan, it reduces the opposition watchdog function. Not surprisingly, the timeframe for parliamentary groups is reduced to a minimum and in many cases prevents them from preparing preliminary studies or meeting with the affected sectors in order to present alternatives or improvements to the proposals of the new laws.

The Government Law and the Royal Decree 286/2017 are very clear and oblige the Executive to approve, before the aforementioned April 30 of each year, a plan with the regulatory or legislative initiatives that will reach the Minister council during the next exercise.

They also oblige you to refer this project to the Cortes and to Transparency Portal for publication, and to evaluate the legislative activity carried out by the General State Administration in the previous year in comparison with the planned plan and analyzing the results of the standards approved in previous years.

However, to this day, the government has only approved and sent to Congress already Transparency two normative plans, and both referring to 2020. In February of last year the former vice president Carmen Calvo He presented the first and in September he updated it again, arguing that the pandemic forced to alter the agenda. Since then, there has been no further news. Neither of the annual normative evaluation.

Task for Bolaños

Faced with all these breaches, the spokesperson for the Popular Group, Cuca Gamarra, has registered a non-legislative proposal in Congress urging the government to «approve, refer to the Camera and post in the Transparency Portal from General State Administration, as a matter of urgency all these documents ”.

«It is evident that this government, installed in the opacity, the contempt for Parliament, the fondness for the decree and totalitarian ways, this legal obligation is uncomfortable for him to achieve his ends, and, therefore, his flagrant breach of this legal obligation, “denounces the popular initiative, to which ABC has had access.

Once ceased Calvo, the coordination of all this pending work falls on the Minister of the Presidency, Felix Bolaños, who yesterday met with the president of the Lower House, Meritxell Batet, without either of them addressing this crucial issue.

In a show of incoherence, Bolaños did emphasize to Batet “the need to comply with the obligation to renew the constitutional bodies” after not having addressed this issue during the round of contacts he had with parliamentary spokesmen last week.

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