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Sánchez promises Espadas that “hand in hand” they will achieve the Andalusian Government

Second day of the Regional Congress of the Andalusian PSOE in Torremolinos.

Second day of the Regional Congress of the Andalusian PSOE in Torremolinos.
Gregorio Marrero

A couple of years ago now, Pedro Sanchez took another crowd bath on the same steps of the Torremolinos Palace of Congress by which he has gone down again this Sunday. Then, the electoral repetition of ’10 -N ‘was waiting on the horizon. And the company was, logically, another. Following the wishes of the apparatus that commands in Ferraz, now the support provided by the PSOE of Andalusia has changed in the figure of Juan Espadas. Although that day in the fall of 2019 the tension entrenched in the fist and the rose was chewing, he and Susana diaz they bite the bullet to expel the smoke from an alleged peace pipe. This was just a truce. They were different times. That is what they are determined to demonstrate to this day Ferraz’s own ‘forward’, Espadas and a good part of the audience that the senator for Andalusia wanted to join, who, as he did in the Federal Congress of Valencia, appeared on his own and risk in the Costa del Sol city. Díaz arrived a little before the President of the Government and enjoyed a great time while the press was on top of him and the occasional comrade from the party hugged her with an affection that in the socialist family is no longer politically correct. Susana Díaz came – as the official battering ram of Espadas, Ángeles Férriz, would say – as “many other people” could have done.

Of course, the Trianera knew how to choose the moment. Before the definitive ‘coronation’ of his successor to the Andalusian throne began –who ‘only’ obtained 84% of the endorsements – the former president of the Board was already seen talking with the President of the Government. In the corridors, he acted as a spontaneous opening act for a Pedro Sánchez who was waiting for dozens of public workers to demonstrate outside, who, as he arrived, many of the people accredited for the conclave said ‘run, the prawns are over’. Once a couple of hours later, at about 1:10 in the afternoon, inside the building he was assigned his turn to speak, the national leader of the PSOE predicted that Espadas “Will be the president of the Board of Andalusia and praised “the proposal that Juan defends for a second decentralization to further empower city councils.”

Next, Sánchez thanked Susana Díaz and all the outgoing management for the management made before promising Espadas “all possible help” for the PSOE to recover this autonomous community and return “to a path of progress.” “We will do it hand in hand with Juan and I, I in Madrid and he in San Telmo governing Andalusia,” he stressed.

Pedro Sánchez recalled that the PSOE governs “for the vast social majorities of Spain and Andalusia.” “When I see the PP vote no to all our social policies, I wonder what interests the right defends,” he said.

In addition, eThe national leader gave as an example “the opposition” that has begun to make Swords in Andalusia: “We must put the interests of the citizens first, the right wing has even opposed the European funds themselves; the same people who criticized Felipe González for begging now put all the obstacles so that these funds do not arrive, but they will arrive and they will make mistakes again ”.

Sánchez stressed that “it is evident that Spain is advancing and doing better.” “We are better than a year ago, from the outside you look at the vaccination strategy from Spain because we have 90% of the population vaccinated with complete guideline; the only party that is capable of reaching agreements and putting general interests before individuals is the PSOE, we will continue to dialogue because that is our roadmap ”.

The Prime Minister advocated “social democracy as the best formula to overcome the crisis in the face of neoliberalism.” “When they governed, they lowered the salary of workers and there was corruption, this is a clean government,” he emphasized.

Sánchez had in mind “The gaps that Spain was already dragging from before the pandemic and he insisted that this Government “has to close them.” “We are going to close the gaps of gender inequality and inequality of opportunities between generations, that is our commitment,” he said.

The Prime Minister also put the new Housing Law as an example that “the PSOE does not give up, like the mayor of Madrid, and is going to make possible the dignified access to housing that the Constitution collects.”

Sanchez said that the PSOE “never fails Spain as an organization” and he vindicated his Government as “a Government of word and deed”. “It is a government that complies and what the opposition does is shout and insult; we have advanced, we are going to continue advancing and we will continue to do so in the future both in Andalusia and in Spain ”, he pointed out in the final sentence of his speech. What happened next was that ritual of apparent fraternity to which ‘La Internacional’ always gives the soundtrack.

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