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Sánchez promises Fernández a rain of millions for Argentina




The lightning -and run-over- visit of the president of Argentina to Madrid it achieved its intended objective: the support of the Spanish government for the renegotiation of the debt with the IMF and the postponement of the next maturity with the Paris Club. His stay, of less than 24 hours, also served to listen to an announcement by Pedro Sánchez, received with open arms on the other side of the Atlantic: “We have approved – said the Prime Minister – an internationalization plan for the Spanish economy for more of 4,500 million euros for Latin America “, where”Argentina it will be one of the priority countries.

At the foot of the Moncloa steps, Sánchez and Fernández staged a symphony of friendship. «My friend Alberto»,« From the heart »,« Thank you, Pedro »,« health and vigor of relationships »and expressions of this nature were reiterated with emphasis. The idea was to make it clear that there was no resentment for the episode of erasing Spain from the European agenda for a couple of days last week.

Debt renegotiation

That said, the president of Argentina took from Spain, as before Portugal, an accolade, with enormous emphasis also, to avoid what some consider almost inevitable: that the country falls, officially, in suspension of payments. Argentina should, before the end of the month, disburse around 2,400 million dollars with the Paris Club and another 5,000 with the International Monetary Fund. Although welcome, Alberto Fernández will need more than words to achieve his goal. And especially in Paris with Emmanuel Macron and in Berlin, where it will not land. Angela Merkel He preferred to do, in a few days, a ‘zoom’ with the Argentine president. These destinations are the toughest bones to crack to speak of ‘silver’, not to mention London or The Hague. Among other reasons because there is a certain tiredness that debts and interests are ‘kicked’ sine die. The Argentine government would be more than satisfied if it achieved, as requested, a postponement until 2023. Then it would be the next president who would have to face the obligations.

Sánchez’s announcement, accompanied by the confirmation of his visit to Buenos Aires on the 8th and 9th of next month, generated optimism in the Argentine delegation. The idea of ​​receiving, in the midst of the health, economic and political crisis, the President of the Government with a group of businessmen, could help improve the devalued image of a head of state, in permanent conflict with his vice president, Cristina Fernández. In fact, this European journey is interpreted as a flight by the widow of Nestor Kirchner and his circle of true power. The negotiations with the international financial organizations were already made a few weeks ago by the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, on a similar European route.

“Carrying out an investment project that has Latin America as its central objective is great news for us,” Alberto Fernández celebrated, before encouraging them to “relaunch this strategic agreement with Argentina and Spain with his visit.” Strictly speaking, it is about updating and modernizing the strategic plan between both countries as was done before with Mariano Rajoy.

Sánchez did not specify an exact figure

The highlight of yesterday was, without a doubt, the project to boost Spanish investment in the region. It was already on the government’s radar a year ago, although Sánchez yesterday he did not specify how much it is planned to allocate to Argentina. In this context, it is striking that Fernández avoided including a meeting with the CEOE on his agenda or maintaining contacts with Spanish capital companies established for decades in Argentina. The stage is not easy for them and the occasion to build bridges was unbeatable.

Among the delegation was, among other ministers, Martín Guzmán, scared by Kircherism in his attempt to update the rates of some public services. Among others those of gas, the ‘ugly duckling’ of investments or the sector that seems resigned to having more patience.

In a different vein and with the pandemic in the forefront (no president was shown with a mask) both agreed to release patents for vaccines and declare them ‘global good’.

The ‘most milestone’, as Sánchez described Fernández’s visit, included an interview with the Rey, and a meeting between the Chancellor and the Spanish Foreign Minister, Arancha González.

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