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Sánchez reappears on the fourth day for the photo and the PP accuses him of washing his hands




Pedro Sanchez it reappeared yesterday, on the fourth day of the worst storm in the last half century, when the most critical situation for the population had already passed. The Prime Minister arrived by official car at the Ministry of the Interior, chaired a meeting in which he called everyone to coordination and cooperation, got some images for the news and wrote a tweet to highlight that the institutions are still working.

Gone are hours of red alert in part of the country, such as in the capital, with millions of people blocked in their houses and collapsed roads, trains without service and the Barajas airport closed. An extraordinary chaos in which the Prime Minister chose not to appear in public, until yesterday, when it finally stopped snowing and the sun came out in Madrid.

On Sunday, the situation in the capital of Spain and in many other areas of the country remained exceptional, with the administrations working piecemeal to clean public roads and facilitate, as a minimum, the passage of essential and emergency services. All against the clock, given the expected plummet in temperatures, which will turn snow into ice. And all with the help of the UME and the Army, focused on reopening the airport and other large infrastructures.

Only in Madrid, its mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, announced yesterday that the City Council is studying requesting the declaration of a castatrophic zone for the capital, after the passage of the storm Filomena. The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, was swift in answering the mayor and settling the issue. In his opinion, “there is no significant damage to public or private property” to declare the city of Madrid a catastrophic zone due to the snowstorm.

Both Marlaska and the head of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, are being the most active members of the Government during the storm. In the case of Ábalos, especially for stand up in defense of Sánchez in the face of his “disappearance” during much of Filomena’s passage over Spain. “I absolutely have to say that he was present all the time.” Thus the Minister excused the Prime Minister.

Other members of the Executive, such as the Vice President of Social Rights, Pablo Iglesiashave not been seen in recent days. Iglesias has only published a tweet to thank the UME and public workers for their work. The leader of Podemos has been silent since the last rise in electricity exposed his double discourse, in the opposition and in the Government. Now, with the storm Filomena, he has chosen not to appear with people either, something that the opposition has made him ugly.

The Popular Party charged yesterday against the Government of Sánchez, especially against the president, “who disappeared completely until yesterday, who only showed his face to take his picture and leave again,” summarize sources from the main opposition party .

“Without showing his face”

Remember that in such a storm, management corresponds to all administrations: the general of the State, the regional and the local. “While the people of Madrid have been able to see their president of the Community and their mayor overturn from the first minute, helping those trapped and on permanent alert for the collapse, they have verified that the President of the Government has not shown his face,” they denounce.

From the national leadership of the PP, Sánchez is accused of “washing his hands” once again in the management of a crisis that fully affects millions of Spaniards. “And when it appears, it is late and bad,” they sentence. The Vice Secretary of Participation of the PP, Jaime de Olano, thus pointed to Sánchez: «When Almeida has cleared the main streets so that Madrid can begin to function, Sánchez the absent one arrives to take the photo of rigor. He only needs to say: we have beaten Filomena ».

Precisely, the leader of the opposition, Pablo Casado, traveled yesterday to several health centers of the City Council and the Community of Madrid to, shovel in hand, help in the cleaning of accumulated snow in their entrances. An image that the PP wanted to use, along with that of Almeida pushing a car trapped in the snow, to show the contrast between popular politicians and members of the Government at a time of extreme difficulty for citizens.

In the Congress of Deputies, the Popular Group is already preparing its parliamentary offensive and will demand the urgent appearance of the ministers Marlaska and ÁbaloYes, to begin with. The month of January is non-working for Congress, except for the exceptions approved by the government parties, such as the Kitchen investigation and the reform of the General Council of the Judiciary, as reported by ABC.

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