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Sánchez receives the support of González and Zapatero and empowers Bolaños

Pedro Sánchez, flanked by the three living former party leaders: Felipe González, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Joaquín Almunia.

Pedro Sánchez, flanked by the three living former party leaders: Felipe González, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Joaquín Almunia.

We needed this“. A baron said it, but that reflection was widely shared in this 40th Federal Congress of the PSOE. ThisIt was the energy shot that provided the ultimate internal reconciliation. Unity, no impostures, at least for now. Or until they come badly. The whole party savored and applauded that strange feeling of inner peace. Pedro Sánchez’s embrace with his predecessors. With former presidents Felipe González and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and with former community vice president Joaquín Almunia. The photo of the four of them before a giant image of the only one that was missing, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, who died in 2019, widely applauded by a standing plenary session. That image for history will mark this conclave in Valencia, despite the nuances, despite the claim that González made of his right to express his opinion and not be silent. As the definitive empowerment of Sánchez’s strong man, Félix Bolaños, will stamp it. A loyal, faithful, discreet leader who has not stopped growing and growing in recent years, who reached the Ministry of the Presidency last July and who now, as expected, is integrated into the leadership of the PSOE. Who is he, de facto vice president Government politician, penetrates the Ferraz hand bridge. Also entering, as spokesman, Jaen Felipe Sicilia, Deputy Secretary General of the Socialists in the Lower House.

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At the official opening of the 40th Congress, the gaze was directed mainly to González. Sánchez had recovered his relationship with Zapatero after the 2017 primaries in which the former president backed Susana Díaz. But not the socialist patriarch. They had both broken up five years ago. González had declared his “representative orphanhood”, he had criticized the alliance with United We Can – he had compared the coalition to the “cabin of the Marx brothers” – he had strongly confronted Zapatero for Venezuela. But this last summer Sánchez and González were getting closer. They were called. They saw each other. The president wanted me to be in the conclave and to participate in it. And the former leader accepted. And this Saturday he gave him his blessing.

“The President and Secretary General He knows that I am available, that I say what I think and I think what I say, and knows that no interfiero. I do not even pretend that my good faith views are taken into account. My loyalty is to a political project that I headed for 23 years, for 13 and a half as president and that now you, Pedro Sánchez, are heading. Go ahead! “González had reserved the harangue for last, aware that it was the finishing touch his party needed.

The former president explicitly celebrated the management of the pandemic deployed by the Executive. He was less lavish in pampering towards Sánchez than Zapatero, but he did not uncheck himself in an uncomfortable way. He raised his hand, yes, to ask his people to let him say what he wants. “A lot of nonsense is said about me. I bear them well, but I bear them less if they are of ours […]. I don’t say everything I think. But when I don’t shut up I want you to know that I feel free because I say what I think, and I feel responsible because I think what I say, although that does not guarantee that I am not wrong. “González then asked Sánchez to” stimulate “within the PSOE” the freedom to express himself critically, “the freedom to” express his opinion. and the responsibility to think what is said when speaking “.

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Zapatero displayed a different style. More rally, more applauded. More praiseworthy towards the management of the current Executive without forgetting the socialist past, the party that has “the best history of all contemporary political forces“.” From this congress we are going to win the next electoral cycles in Spain. Have no doubts. Because it is a congress of unity, of the future, of advanced, renewed, strong, young, dynamic social democracy, ”he claimed. Because we have a government, a president and a secretary general who only think about the future of Spain and the decency of this country. “The two former presidents represented two different styles. Zapatero’s “intelligent generosity”, said a minister, in the face of González’s greater restraint. But they were both in Valencia, and that was the definitive gesture of internal cohesion.

Sánchez later had lunch with the three former leaders – Almunia participated in a round table on Europe in the afternoon – with the ministers and the two pillars of their leadership, Adriana Lastra and Santos Cerdán. Then he gave himself up to the liturgy of the socialist conclaves: the meeting with the barons to finish composing the executive. A steering auction was expected in the afternoon, but it was not possible and the final adjustments dragged the design until late at night.

One of Sánchez’s star signings is the water polo player Victor Gutierrez, one of the first athletes to publicly declare his homosexuality. He will lead the LGTBI Secretariat.

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Yes, the debate on the amendments to the framework presentation had concluded earlier. The PSOE goes a step further in its demand for the abolition of prostitution, although it nevertheless supports the spirit of the LGTBI law agreed with United We Can. It recovers the indirect reference to multinationality and criticizes the “lack of exemplarity that could have occurred in any public instance” (read the Crown). Nothing groundbreaking by logic: being in the Executive cuts the room for maneuver.


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