Thursday, October 21

Sánchez replies to Ayuso’s complaints with a controversial report

New open front between the Government of Pedro Sanchez and the Community of Madrid on investments in the region in the first half of the year. The president has responded to Ayuso’s complaints with a controversial document, called “Complying”, which in previous years was annual, but in this it has been decided to move forward, just one month after the Madrid president met with Sánchez and demanded more investments for Madrid. The reason that justifies the advance is, according to the Government delegate, Mercedes GonzalezAt the launch press conference, fulfill the commitment to “democratic regeneration, transparency and accountability” set by the central Executive.

content of the report, which amounts to 7,750 million The amount invested in the region of euros has been received with surprise and disbelief by the Madrid Executive. In fact, the Minister of Local Administration and Digitization, Carlos Izquierdo, He reacted in this way when he learned the data in the document: government delegate. If you really want to worry about Madrid, ask for the money that corresponds to us.

Between the games that the Government considers investment in the Community are the revaluation of the pensions affecting 1,084,889 Madrid residents, as well as 463.6 million euros for the extension of the FOR HIM from which 132,380 citizens living in the region have benefited and a loan authorization of 3,110.4 million euros authorized to the Ayuso government“We are going to pay for it,” according to sources from the popular Executive. In addition, it includes 784 million of the ICO line for 2,366 companies, they will have to return.

“Non-existent” relationship

The distance Between the two administrations it has expanded as a result of this report and the statements of the delegate herself, who considers her relationship with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, “non-existent”. Mercedes González revealed that on June 21 sent a letter to the president, and that has not yet been answered. The delegate summons him to the next month of September to attend his request.

This fhigh tuning it is not transferred to the rest of the directors. González admitted that he maintains fluid contact with the Minister of the Presidency, Interior and Justice, on issues related to citizen security. Community sources consulted by ABC confirm that 12 meetings of the Civil Protection Plan of the Community of Madrid (Platercam). An example of the dialogue that they maintain that exists between the Government and the Community.

The government complaints Madrid due to the lack of investment and the discrimination suffered by the Community compared to other regions, such as Catalonia, with a GDP below that of Madrid, are not shared by the delegate. González did not want deepen yesterday on this issue and limited himself to stating that “the investments are not for the territories, but for the people and their needs.” It also did not answer whether the investment of the first semester it is higher or lower than in the same period as the previous year. He simply stressed that in 2020 they reached 30,000 million.


Other amounts highlighted in the report are 2,838.7 million for measures to support companies, the self-employed and workers; 3,165 for the promotion and dynamization of the economy; 721.7 million for social cohesion; 489.7 for the development and improvement of infrastructures; more than 410 for programs and projects in the field of ecological transition and environmental protection and 35.4 for the promotion of culture and the protection of the heritage.

The Community responds that “Madrid is absolutely discriminated against”, according to the counselor Carlos Left. “What we ask is that Madrid be served the same as the rest of the autonomous communities,” he says, while stating that “Catalonia has a very important budget that does not correspond to those of Madrid, 18 percent, and to this Community little more than 10 percent arrives ».

Neighborhood and dependency

The Community recalls that the Government of Spain committed an investment of 5,000 million for the Commuter network and that it is “urgent and a priority to know the actions that are going to be carried out. To date, no deadlines or execution details have been specified. In front of this paralysis, they recall that 6,300 million have been made for the commuter and medium-distance network in Catalonia.

They also point out that they signed a framework agreement in 2018 to develop that year the Bus Vao on the A-2, and that the construction project for the A-1 variant is in the same blockage situation.

Finally, the Community asks the Government to fulfill its percentage of 50 per cent of financing destined to the dependence. The regional government estimates its investment at 1,100 million.

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