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Sánchez seeks a quick pact with Casado for the CGPJ after 14-F



Pedro Sanchez tries to take advantage of the poor results of the Popular Party in Catalonia to attract Pablo Casado to a renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary and other bodies that require the participation of the main opposition party. Popular sources explained that the president of the Popular Party once again put the same conditions as always, which includes the guarantee of the independence of the Judicial Power and that Podemos is not part of the agreement.

The government defined this conversation as “constructive” after months of estrangement. But they did not indicate concrete progress beyond specifying that Sánchez and Casado spoke about the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary, the Ombudsman and the Board of Directors of RTVE. But also a pending issue, with the consensus of the majority of parties, but which remains unreformed, such as the vote requested for Spanish citizens residing abroad.

In conversation, what It was “brief”, according to sources in Genoa, Casado reiterated his conditions for the reinforcement of the independence of the constitutional bodies, the neutrality of the public media and the consensus for the reform of the electoral law. Earlier, during the morning, Government sources indicated that the PP “runs out of excuses” to renew the CGPJ. From the presidency of the Government they believe that it is an appropriate moment to reach agreements of this nature with the PP: «Now we will have a bit of tranquility due to lack of elections in sight»They pointed out from La Moncloa, referring to the fact that the next scheduled appointment with the polls is the Andalusian elections at the end of 2022. The socialist part of the Government has decided to wait for the PP to reach this agreement.

A point on which Unidos Podemos has yielded to Pedro Sánchez, apart from eventually insisting on legal reform to reduce the necessary majorities for renewal. That is why the PSOE urge the PP to reach an agreement. Because they do not want Iglesias to reactivate this issue as an element of pressure within the coalition. But the socialists appeal to the PP for the pact not only for that matter, but to deepen the discourse that it distances itself from Vox: «If the PP is ready, the CGPJ should agree with us as soon as possible and to say that they are a party of the State ”, they raise from the Government.

During the control session Sánchez urged Casado to make a “useful opposition and with a sense of the State.” The president tries to draw Casado’s future on a path in which there are only two directions: «You have to choose: either the path of moderation or the path of perdition; to be a useful opposition with a sense of state or an opposition with a rather contradictory project in which in the end a complex is seen before the extreme right that Vox represents. Or what is the same, distancing oneself from vox has to translate into supporting him.In the core of the Executive they are sure that the result of the Catalan elections will provoke “Strategic moves” in all matches. And they hope that in the case of the PP it will be opening to specific agreements with the Government.

The socialist part of the Executive wants to keep this way of open dialogue, as well as that of the 10 seats of Citizens, so as not to depend exclusively on the Budget block and thus limit the influence of Churches. But in this respect they recognize uncertainty because they don’t know how Pablo Casado will act in a moment of “internal questioning.”

Churches, background

In the PP they suspect that Sánchez’s call just yesterday, a few hours after the socialist deputies exhibited their distance with Iglesias by not applauding him in the control session, has a lot to do with an indirect message to his government partner. Sánchez transferred to Casado his interest in strengthening the institutions, while Iglesias is dedicated to delegitimizing them.

In any case, the PP remains “firm” in its conditions to renew the Judiciary, which is Sánchez’s main interest, as has been seen in recent months, as stressed in Genoa. The popular ones do not rule out an agreement at all in a relatively short term and will answer all the calls that Sánchez makes. “The channel for dialogue will remain as open as the president wants,” they warn.

The conditions set by the PP are not insurmountable. The first of them, the withdrawal of the proposal for the election of the members of the Council with a reduced majority, they believe has been fulfilled in fact, since it remains blocked in Congress. The second condition, that Podemos does not enter into the negotiation or the agreement, they maintain that it depends on Sánchez and they do not see it as impossible. On the third, the depoliticization of Justice, the PP would be enough with a declaration of intentions from the Prime Minister in favor of judicial independence, something that they do not see at all exorbitant. Yesterday the ice broke. If there is an approach, it will be discreet, they warn the PP, where they are aware that a State agreement could strengthen Casado. Of course, with its conditions ahead.

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