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Sánchez sets conditions after the pardons and places Junqueras out of the dialogue table




The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, feels that the decision to bet on pardons for the leaders of the independence process will strengthen his negotiating position with the Generalitat of Catalonia. After the great concession, the president start putting conditions to the development in the short and medium term of these negotiations.

The idea that permeates the Executive is that now it is up to the pro-independence world to lower its maximalist positions. The meeting of the dialogue table has no date. In La Moncloa they are not in a hurry. They transfer that it must be the Junts and ERC who agree. And they demand that “viable proposals” be embodied.

The pardons have been a decision in which he recognized today, although it was evident, in which he has changed his mind. This morning, during an interview on Cadena SER, Sánchez repeated the slogan that at one point the useful thing was to “punish” the behaviors of 2017 and that now that same utility recommends forgiveness: “The message of the pardons is to the entire citizenry that we want to turn the page”Sánchez said.

The president identifies the current moment as the “beginning of a long road where we must all be generous“, But has shown his intention to” land “the political discussion on” more material issues. ” The recipe is to lower the intensity and try to reach partial agreements on economic or infrastructure issues. Sánchez wants his ‘Reunion Agenda’, which he presented to Quim Torra in February 2020, to be the roadmap: “If we start talking about what separates us most, it is difficult for us to advance on the path of dialogue.

Sánchez has raised this morning two key questions for the next movements. Has asked that «Catalonia talk to Catalonia », because he has accused the independentistas of “trying to make invisible” the part of the population “that does not share their roadmap.” And in this sense he has demanded “an effort” from the Government and the nationalist parties. In this sense, the Government has always felt very comfortable with the concept of a party table within the framework of the Parliament of Catalonia that was created, although it failed, in the last legislature.

Without Oriol Junqueras

The Government does not consider that the ERC leader, Oriol Junqueras, should be part of the dialogue table between the two governments. The Government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, did it a few days ago after the Council of Ministers, but today the President of the Government has done it more clearly. Sánchez has said in the first place that it is “a table between governments”, and here he recalled that Junqueras “has a few years of disqualification in terms of institutional representation that does not sympathize with a representation of governments.”

Regarding the referendum again, Sánchez has said that only “the whole of Spanish society” can determine “what Spain is.” Although he has accepted that the negotiation can end and end “recognizing greater capacity for self-government.” Sánchez has said that the law would only allow voting “on an agreement.” What is the historical position of Catalan socialism that has to do with a new statutory framework. “To citizenship cannot be forced to choose if they are Catalan or Spanish »Sánchez said. That he has insisted that the realistic thing is to “begin to approach” in those questions in which there are points of agreement.

In another vein, the Prime Minister has removed the possibility of an imminent government crisis to remodel the government structure. “It is not a priority,” he said, insisting that the first is “overcoming the pandemic.” With which the idea that this newspaper pointed out that the remodeling would be carried out when reaching group immunity is consolidated. Sánchez has been asked about the nerves of some members of the cabinet, which ABC referred yesterday, knowing that there will be a change of government but not having clues about the moment or about his future. And Sánchez has shown signs that he shields that strategy: “It is not a priority”.

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