Friday, September 24

Sánchez supports the attack on the Crown



Pedro Sánchez could have made a strict disavowal of the Podemos offensive against the Monarchy yesterday, but he did not want to. He had the right opportunity and he refused to take it. His attempt to distance himself from the video in which Podemos, through social networks, equates the Royal Family with a clan of drug traffickers was inappropriate for a Prime Minister, whose obligation is to defend the Head of State from any type of coercion , threat or contempt. And even more so if the toxic campaign against the Crown comes from a party with direct government responsibility such as Pablo Iglesias.

Once again, Sánchez not only gave an insufficient and disappointing response to defend the Royal Family in the midst of a campaign of harassment and demolition from the Government, but he also became an accomplice of Iglesias’ strategy to criminalize the Crown. Ambivalence is very low in terms of political credibility, and that is why Sánchez’s reaction to the video – “PSOE and Podemos are different political formations that come from different traditions and cultures” – is a full-fledged justification of Iglesias. It makes no sense for Sánchez to question the video as it affects the secretary general of Podemos, and not to do so in relation to the vice president of the Government. No doubling is possible. Just cynicism. He was able to publicly demand that Iglesias apologize, and he did not. He was able to affirm that the Executive does not share at all such an attack on the Crown, and he did not. He was able to explain to the public that he would not consent to new maneuvers to undermine the Head of State from now on, and neither did he. He limited himself to distinguishing between the PSOE and Podemos, ignoring the evidence that his cabinet, as Sánchez himself said recently, may have many points of view but a “single” action. And if the action is “unique”, its co-responsibility is evident. It is possible that they are different formations, but in their vocation of respect for the Monarchy they do not seem so. And even less, when Podemos presumes to move towards the reinstatement of a republic. They are not subtleties that Sánchez should ignore, but direct threats that if not forcefully deactivated, only transmit tolerance and permissiveness towards an affront against the parliamentary monarchy.

Yesterday, Podemos tried to promote a parliamentary investigation commission against the King Emeritus. On this occasion, the PSOE did uncheck itself, but it did so by temporizing with Podemos. In any case, the subconscious betrays this left so obsessive and nostalgic for republicanism, and so friendly to revenge. Sánchez affirmed that no one “is judging” the Head of State as an institution, “but the behavior of a person”, alluding to Don Juan Carlos. The fiscal regularization of the King Emeritus reveals an eloquent lack of exemplarity in his behavior, but no one, least of all the Chief Executive, has the right to say today that he is being judged because it is simply not true. Maybe Sánchez – «Who does the Prosecutor’s Office depend on? From the Government … well that’s it »- have information that no one else has about who is going to be tried and who is not in Spain. At the moment, his is the only worrying judgment, as well as the fact that the public station is now dedicated to launching rumors or probe balloons about the supposed negotiation between Moncloa and Zarzuela to deprive Don Juan Carlos of the title of King. If everything is a lie – as the Casa del Rey itself and the Presidency of the Government did not take long to recognize last night – someone should resign at RTVE or be dismissed abruptly. Spain has enough with the poisonings and the campaigns of its vice president of the Government.


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