Tuesday, September 27

Sánchez tightens the closing of the political course with urgent measures for energy saving

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, during his appearance. . / EFE

The president will ask Europe to reform the electricity market to decouple gas from the price of electricity and put a cap on the cost of CO2

Paula de las Heras

The Government will approve in the last Council of Ministers before the summer holidays, next Monday, a package of urgent energy saving measures. The announcement was made this afternoon by the Chief Executive, Pedro Sánchez, during his usual end-of-year appearance in Moncloa, and only a few days after Spain gave its approval to the European Commission’s plan to reduce demand for gas by 15% after managing to amend it and make it more flexible.

Sánchez has affirmed that the measures that will now have to be implemented, and that he has not yet specified, have been worked on for weeks, debated with the private sector and already communicated to all the administrations that will have to apply them and to the parliamentary groups. “Saving energy is a priority, it is everyone’s task. We will be reducing the energy bill and contributing together to reduce dependence on our aggressor, Vladimir Putin », he argued.

The balance of the President of the Government comes after a month in which he has dedicated many efforts to recover the political initiative after the electoral blow of the Andalusian elections. First with the new anti-crisis plan -in which, among other things, VAT on electricity was further reduced, a discount for public transport was introduced and an aid of 200 euros was created for the most vulnerable households- then with the NATO summit and the new measures against inflation announced in the debate on the state of the nation and finally with the remodeling of the PSOE executive.

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The EU delivers to Spain the second payment of the recovery funds

That effort, however, was clouded today by bad news, that inflation rose to 10.8% in July, compared to the same month last year, according to preliminary data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) . This is the highest rate in the last 38 years. The head of the Executive argued, however, that if he had not acted with palliative measures, for which 30,000 million euros have been mobilized, he stressed, the increase in the CPI would have led to 15%.

In his speech, Sánchez has also assured that he is perfectly aware of the concern that the current economic situation generates among Spaniards and has assured that he will not put “hot cloths” but he will not wait “sitting down” for “problems to be solved by themselves”. “It is not in our power to end this war. What is in our power is to face this scenario in the same way that we did with the pandemic, protecting the social majority and taking measures that make us stronger, “he said after recalling that a new payment of the funds has been received today Europeans destined, he insisted, for the “modernization” of the country.


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