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Sánchez will appear in Congress on the 30th to explain the pardons

The President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez.

The President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez.

Finally, it will be Wednesday June 30 when the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, report to Congress the approval of the pardons by the Council of Ministers. This same Saturday, his team at Moncloa registered the appearance, at their own request, before the plenary session of the Lower House, to report on the last two European Councils -the extraordinary one of May 24 and 25 and the ordinary one of the next 24 and June 25-, “as well as the political and economic situation,” as stated in the document registered in Congress.

The Executive thus clears another of the key dates in this long journey to the measure of grace. In the last week, sources from the Socialist Group had indicated the date of July 7 as the one set for the president to go to the lower house to explain himself, but sources from Moncloa indicated that that day might be far away, because the pardons to the leaders of the ‘procés’ will be approved on June 22 -it’s the “most likely” day right now- or, at the latest, Tuesday 29. There is no official confirmation yet, although in principle there are only those two alternatives.

The Council of Ministers will also meet in an extraordinary way next Thursday, but to approve the royal decree law that will eliminate the obligation to use the mask outdoors, which will come into effect on Saturday, June 26. However, Moncloa does not want to mix both issues. In the first place, so that the right does not accuse Sánchez of wanting to cover the measure of grace with an initiative of social impact and that will be welcomed by the citizens after more than a year of fighting the pandemic. And two, because the president does not want the government pardon to be seen as a “shameful” initiative: he defends it openly because he considers it a cornerstone in the way of rebuilding the “coexistence”Within Catalonia and Catalonia with the rest of Spain.

The Cabinet Remodeling

On June 30, therefore, Sánchez will group two questions: European councils and pardons. The appearance of the president in Congress to give an account of the European summits is mandatory, and it is usually a debate that lasts for five or six hours, usually prior to the control session of the Executive. Now, Moncloa has preferred to add the two elements instead of programming two separate plenary sessions. Although Sánchez did not bring up the issue of pardons, the opposition would throw it at him. And more so in this case, when this issue has been installed in the front line of public debate for a month and when PP, Cs and Vox issue harsh messages against Sánchez, accusing him of treason just to “stay in power.” The popular have cast the King to the center of the scene through the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Sánchez has another pending appointment, the meeting with the ‘president’, Pere Aragonès, in Moncloa, in principle scheduled for this month, although it has no date. What is already clear is that the approval of the pardons will be prior to that first interview between the two presidents.

Once the folder of the grace measure is closed, the socialist leader could undertake a profound remodeling of the Government. He himself has been asked about this question. In Buenos Aires, 10 days ago, he confessed that his priority is vaccination and economic recovery, but he did not deny it. It could also delay this ministerial restructuring for the start of the political course, in September, although the placement of the pieces in recent days, with the clearest outlook once the pardons are given free rein, suggests that the reorganization of the Cabinet could take place next month.

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