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Sánchez will appear on the 29th to take stock of the political course

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in New York.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in New York.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will appear next Thursday, July 29 at the Palacio de la Moncloa at a press conference to offer the usual balance of the political course before the break of the summer holidays and to do a new exercise of accountability for the last six months of the legislature.

This was announced by himself in an informal conversation with journalists covering his economic tour in the United States, during the inauguration of the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in New York, in the Chrysler building.

The president has explained that his intention in this appearance is to return to account for his management, as he did at the end of December, when he took advantage of the usual balance press conference before the end of the year to present a report on the level of compliance with the reforms scheduled by the Executive.

The head of the Executive has taken advantage of his visit to New York on Wednesday to claim the Government’s commitment to make reforms, in the face of an opposition that “screams.”

“I define myself as a politician who complies. I like the facts and I like to do, and unfortunately the opposition only screams, “Sánchez lamented during an interview with Reuters at the headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes, after being asked about the decline of the PSOE in the polls and the defeat that the party suffered in the regional elections in Madrid in May .

“We comply, we approve the laws and the reforms and investments and I believe that the Spanish will appreciate and positively evaluate what we did in these difficult years for our history and for the history of human history,” he reaffirmed, also claiming the management during the pandemic.

In his informal meeting with journalists, Sánchez has once again defended that the Government has a “roadmap” and that he is fulfilling it, and this has also been transferred to the tycoons of the investment funds and American banks with whom he has met in New York, such as Michael Bloomberg or the CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink.

Recovery before tax reform

In their meetings, aimed at attracting investments that speed up the recovery of the Spanish economy, Sánchez told them that their priority is recovery, compared to other planned reforms such as the tax reform. On this particular matter, he has informed you that a commission of experts has been created, but emphasizing that now the Government is focused on recovery.

And given his concerns about some of the reforms that the Executive plans to promote, such as the housing law, the pension reform or the repeal of the labor reform, the president has tried to reassure investors, guaranteeing that the reforms will not involve abrupt changes, but will be in line with what other European countries do.

According to Sánchez, investors have not asked him about his government partners in United we can and their policies, especially critical of this type of funds, or because of the situation in Catalonia in relation to the so-called conflict, but about whether the Government is going to appeal the Catalan housing law that limits rents.

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