Tuesday, August 9

Sánchez’s voter tires



The poll published by ABC today reveals that the accumulated wear and tear by the Pedro Sánchez government in his two years of legislature is not only growing among voters outside the PSOE, but that in the socialist electorate itself it finds an unusual rejection for any president in such a short time term of office. It may not be surprising that the voters of the PP or Vox reject the majority of the Government’s policies regarding the containment of the price of electricity, complacency with separatism in the eradication of Spanish from the classrooms in Catalonia, the international weight of Spain or the labor reform with which it intends to overturn the one that Mariano Rajoy launched in his day, and with success.

However, it is striking that in these areas almost four out of ten Socialist voters show their disagreement and disagreement with Sánchez. Undoubtedly, and based on these data from the survey, carried out by GAD3, the PSOE has reason to worry.

In general terms, 92.3 percent of Spaniards do not trust Sánchez when he says that the price of electricity at the end of this year will be lower than in 2018. But in this case, 88 percent of those who claim to have voted for the PSOE in the last elections, they don’t believe it either. Nine out of ten is a very high number of socialists who question the word of who was their own electoral candidate. Regarding whether Castilian is discriminated against and persecuted in Catalonia, six out of ten Spaniards think that it is, although 32.8 percent do not. What is striking is that up to 37 percent of Socialist voters, in effect, perceive it as persecution, which is still an amendment by their electorate to the complicity that the Government shows with its nationalist and separatist partners. Something similar occurs with the perception about the influence of Spain abroad, where 39 percent of voters of the Socialist Party maintain that it is lower than before, and with the idea that the labor counter-reform of this Government will create quality employment: four out of ten Sanchez voters do not give him credibility.

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Even in the social and ideological field of feminism or equality, for example, the PSOE is beginning to weaken, which is novel, because until now its strategy of ‘single thought’ as a moral catalyst for the entire left has been very useful. . Four out of ten Sánchez voters are convinced that the partial pardon granted to Juana Rivas has been based on political criteria, and not mere justice. The propaganda ‘story’ is already beginning to fail Pedro Sánchez unequivocally among his own. In fact, the survey reveals not only a growing concern about everything that the Prime Minister claims to have under control, but also the disappointment of a relevant part of his electorate. It is evident that his leadership suffers, that Yolanda Díaz already reaches the same level of appreciation as Sánchez himself among PSOE voters -a figure that advances eventual leaks to the left and abstentions-, and that the attrition threatens not to be reversible . The head of the Executive branch is not working the deep crisis of government of last July nor its last occurrence, holding two weekly councils of ministers. It is true that Sánchez is dealing with an extreme economic crisis and an unprecedented pandemic, but the trend is far from correcting the erosion of the PSOE.

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