Wednesday, October 20

Sanitarios gather 200,000 signatures against politicians for their management and for getting vaccinated

A protest at the San Blas health center, during the pandemic.

A protest at the San Blas health center, during the pandemic.

Sanitarians in the province are joining a nationwide campaign against the management of politicians and against those who have been vaccinated before their time, thereby asking for his resignation. The mobilization, through the corporation, has already added nearly 200,000 signatures until this Monday and it continues to grow.

The manifesto of the Spanish toilets that is: «In health, you are in charge but you don’t know»In the afternoon, it counted 113,000 rubrics, the objective is to move consciences among the political class; in fact, the document is addressed to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez; and to the presidents of the 17 autonomous communities. The writing, in the form of a decalogue, is supported by 55 scientific societies, «We represent 170,000 professionals», they remember. And, among other things, they are told to “accept, once and for all, that in order to face this pandemic, dominant decisions must be based on the best available scientific evidence, completely detached from the continuous political confrontation. Accept, once and for all, the need for a coordinated, equitable response based exclusively on clear, common and transparent scientific criteria. The firms that support the initiative recall the “bureaucratic slowness in solving legal, technical and administrative issues, they only manage to aggravate the solutions. Stop so much discussion and run to action. We need a national protocol that, without prejudice to differentiated territorial actions, establishes common criteria based exclusively on science, without the least interference or political pressure.

The signatories consider that “it is you, as politicians, who, in addition to guaranteeing the principle of equality of all Spaniards in preventive strategies and health resources, must now create a national strategic reserve of material destined for the prevention and treatment of all the affected”.

In the second initiative, which now has 84,000 signatures, under the image of a vaccine, the “immediate expulsion of politicians who get vaccinated when not their turn is called for, that is why the appeal is made with the campaign “That’s not your vaccine”. Throughout the State there are more than 600 confirmed cases of politicians, but also of military or ecclesiastical, which has been proven that the dose was given without there being an objective cause while, for example, the College of Physicians of Alicante has had They have to resort to the Justice so that all doctors are treated with the same standard -including those of the private one- and are also immunized.

Dozens of lost causes seeking support in society

Launching what is considered a good cause and expecting society to support you with a signature and providing the data is not easy. If we talk about covid, the most fashionable issue, the number of initiatives is counted by dozens and of all kinds. Most fail because they do not obtain sufficient social support to have a voice. On the other hand, these two initiatives, both with health personnel promoting them and with politicians as the main objective, are standing out because they start from the solidarity between doctors and health workers who are passing the link to achieve, at least, raise their voices as much as possible. Promoting that the complete list of vaccinated politicians is made public, promoting sanctions against them or having to pay 2,000 euros to get the second dose, are other initiatives with much less pull on social networks. But the decalogue of doctors, for example, is armed with the support of the entire scientific community, little given to raise its voice to complain. The situation has reached a point of no return in the relationship between politicians and health workers, in view of the results.

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