Monday, October 25

Sant Joan adheres to the Plan Resistir of the Generalitat to help with 842,000 euros to the hospitality industry

Sant Joan Town Hall

Sant Joan Town Hall

Sant Joan adheres to the Plan Resistir de la Generalitat to help the hospitality industry. On January 28, a mayoral decree was issued stating that the procedures for initiating the file to participate in the “Resist Plan” will be launched, expressing the will of the Sant Joan d’Alacant City Council to accept the aid, assuming the commitment to contribute the amount corresponding to their percentage of participation. In this way, the Santjoaner consistory has joined the tripartite participation planned between thea Generalitat (62.5%), Provincial Council (22.5%) and City Council (15%) that allocates, in aid for the most affected sectors of Sant Joan, a total of € 842,337, as explained by the Consistory in a statement.

This amount is the result of adding a fi xed amount of € 2,000 for each self-employed person or microenterprise with a maximum of 10 workers in the benefited sectors and a fi xed amount of € 200 per worker affiliated to Social Security on 31 December. December 2020 of said micro-enterprises and the self-employed in the sectors included in the aforementioned plan, where priority is given to small hospitality, tourism and leisure companies.

The exponential advance of the public health emergency situation caused by covid-19 throughout the world has seriously affected our municipality, generating a complicated situation. This critical moment requires the administration to promote economic activity in the municipality of Sant Joan d’Alacant, even more so considering the duration of this pandemic situation, close to one year, with new restrictions imposed by the State and the CC AA that lead us to a total closure of the hospitality industry and a partial closure until 6:00 p.m. today.

This situation amply justifies that, as it happened in the past 2020, it continues to be a primary objective of the Councils for Economic Development and Commerce to approve the granting of direct aid. In order to protect the general interest, these aid will act directly on the self-employed, micro-enterprises and small enterprises affected by COVID-19, with the aim of reducing the irreversible economic and social consequences for the inhabitants of the municipality and ensuring that it occurs as soon as possible. possible a reactivation of the local economy. With this injection of liquidity in our local economy, an attempt is made to prevent the economic and social impact from lasting longer than is strictly inevitable.

For this reason, the Councilor for Economic Development and Commerce, the socialist Manel Giner, dictated Providencia on February 1 to join at maximum speed and charged tol remainder of Treasury from the last financial year, a minimum of € 500,000 needed to launch the 2nd edition of direct aid and the consumer voucher program launched in 2020, as well as the € 126,350.55 corresponding to 15% of the municipal contribution to the Resistir Plan .

After the publication yesterday afternoon by the Generalitat of a model of bases for the application of the aid included in the plan, the technical services of the economic development area are already carrying out work to be able to respond as soon as possible to the requests for aid from our economic sectors damaged. “We are speeding up the administrative procedures that allow us to meet the needs of our local entrepreneurs as soon as possible, for which we are already working on a draft of the bases pending the arrival of the funds,” said the councilor.

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