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Sant Joan commemorates 25N with a complete program of talks

In the center the mayor Julia Parra with Raquel Martí and María José González.

In the center the mayor Julia Parra with Raquel Martí and María José González.

The Department of Equality of the Sant Joan City Council has organized a complete program of activities on the occasion of the celebration of November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Four multidisciplinary talks, a play and an institutional act open to the public make up a poster that under the generic title “Equality Week” will unfold from today until November 30.

“The fight against mistreatment suffered by women has to be approached from multiple spheres if we want it to give results, because it is a complex problem,” said the Councilor for Equality, Julia Parra, at the presentation press conference held at the town hall.

As explained by the mayor, her council has tried to design a program that was useful for citizenship in different aspects. «We wanted, on the one hand, to reach different age groups and, on the other, to treat different faces of the problem such as prevention, the detection precocious or the role that we must fulfill both public administrations and citizens in general.

For this, it has had a staff of experts who will address the issue of gender violence from their respective areas of expertise. “I would like to highlight the excellent disposition shown from the beginning by the speakers when we asked them to participate in this initiative. The truth is that they have turned to us and with the possibility of putting their experience and knowledge at the service of the residents of Sant Joan “, said the Councilor for Equality. The lectures can be followed via streaming and also in a way presential prior registration, provided that the security measures against Covid-19 allow it.

A complete program

The program will begin today the 25th, with a institutional act in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento consisting of the reading of a manifest from rejection to gender violence. This afternoon, the talk “Myths of romantic love” will be given, aimed mainly at the younger population.

Councilor for Equality Sant Joan City Council, Julia Parra.

Thursday will take place conference “Identification, prevention and action in situations of violence” and on Friday they will talk about «Digital Gender Violence». Also, on Monday, November 30, there will be a presentation on “Emotional Intelligence and Gender Violence” that will deal with the importance of learning to properly manage emotions to avoid situations of abuse or to be able to get out of them. In addition to the talks, which will be held at the Sant Joan Senior Center, the representation of the theater work “Ella” on Sunday, November 29 at the Casa de Cultura.

Multidisciplinary experts

At the press conference to present the Equality Week, the mayor Julia Parra was accompanied by the director of UNED Dénia, Raquel Martí – a collaborating entity – and the expert in Emotional Intelligence and closing speaker of the program, María José González.

«It is alarming that in recent years there have increased a 40 percent gender violence among adolescents and that one in four under the age of 30 thinks that certain control behaviors are part of normal relationships as a couple, ”said Raquel Martí.

For her part, María José González highlighted the importance of teaching the population to properly manage emotions as an instrument for preventing possible cases of abuse and also as an element to help victims to break their blockade and get out of the situation of control that abusers exert over them. The application of techniques from Intelligence EmotionalAccording to the Councilor for Equality, it is an innovative resource in the field of gender violence.

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