Friday, May 27

Sant Joan starts the tender to provisionally transfer IES Berlanga for the construction of the new center

The García Berlanga de Sant Joan institute.

The García Berlanga de Sant Joan institute.

Sant Joan starts the bidding process for the adaptation of the plot that will provisionally house the IES Luis García Berlanga, while the new center is its current location, a project that exceeds 10 million investment through the Edificant Plan. The City Council explained today that it was not until a few months ago that the Department defined the characteristics of the prefabricated classrooms that will provisionally house the facilities of the IES Luis García Berlanga, and from that moment the City Planning and Contracting services began to work on the file that is now nearing completion.

The file of tender is practically concluded and the work will be tendered shortly. The Sant Joan d’Alacant City Council will proceed to develop the plot, located in l’Alqueria next to the Ansaldo Tower, to provisionally locate the IES García Berlanga while the construction of the new educational center is underway, which is a historical claim.

The plot is owned by the City Council and the project describes all the works necessary for the provisional installation of the center. The hiring budget including VAT amounts to almost € 750,000. The total area of ​​the plot is 17,000 m2, being 5,350 m2 for classrooms, 2,112 m2 for sports courts and 9,594 m2 for the rest of the plot, including parking.

The actions contemplated in the report are those necessary to develop the plot, demolition of the foundations of the old buildings and public roads that are in the area of ​​the plot, formation of slopes on the plot and execution of pipelines for the necessary infrastructures such as water drinking water, sanitation, telecommunications, electric power, pedestrian door access control, execution of a slab to house the prefabricated classrooms and two sports courts (basketball and handball), as well as horizontal and vertical signage including parking.

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The lighting of the plot has included the lighting of the parking area and sports courts using 6m high solar lights. In order to guarantee that the archaeological inspection and monitoring tasks will be carried out during the works process, a technician has been hired during the excavations phase, who will prepare the reports and scientific reports corresponding to the acting.

The action includes earthworks, clearing and cleaning, felling and transplantation of trees affected by the works, excavation of the land, leveling the plot and the formation of the base using selected soil and artificial gravel.

The councilor for Urbanism Eva Delgado (PSOE) pointed out “that after several delays outside the City Council, the project is finally underway, the technicians are working against the clock so that the plot is ready in the shortest possible time and in this way it can start the tender for the construction of the new educational center ”.

The Mayor of Culture Esther Donate (PSOE) declared “shortly we will be able to see fulfilled a historical claim of the educational community and the population of Santiago. Both the management team and the AMPA, as well as the city council, are clear that the construction of a new center is a priority for everyone. ”

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