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Santa Lucía street and surrounding streets open to traffic in Badajoz

The councilor for Urban Planning, Carlos Urueña, on Santa Lucía street this Wednesday with the mayor, Ignacio Gragera. / cm

At the end of the month another batch of street renovations will begin to eliminate the curbs in the last section of Santo Domingo, Menéndez Valdés, Muñoz Torrero and De Gabriel

Rocio Romero

The streets Santa Lucía, Santa Ana and Duque de San Germán have been officially reopened to traffic this Wednesday, although the auctions of the work are pending. Among them, the placement of bollards to delimit the space through which vehicles can circulate and replace provisionally placed obstacles. Also repair the damage that the workers may have committed in some facades during the execution of the works. Even so, the mayor, Ignacio Gragera, has congratulated himself on the result: “It changes the panorama of this confluence of streets.”

Gragera has thanked the neighbors for their patience during the works and has announced the start of works in the middle of this month in four other streets of the Old Town. In all of them, the curbs will be lowered so that vehicles and pedestrians travel at the same level. In this way, pedestrians gain space because they have right of way.

The next streets to be built will be Muñoz Torrero, Menéndez Valdés, De Gabriel and the last section of Santo Domingo that remains to be reformed. The mayor has highlighted the importance of this work for the establishments located in this area, after having progressively changed the design of the rest of Santo Domingo with different actions.

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These are the streets that will have a unique platform in the Old Town of Badajoz

The City Council has been awarded three lots to renovate streets, each for an amount close to half a million euros. One of them is the latter described. Once this is finished, they will extend the model of streets without sidewalks through José Lanot, José Terrón, Chapín streets and San Agustín square. The next one will be Zurbarán, Bravo Murillo, Arco Agüero and San Juan streets. In the latter they will sign the Portuguese calzadinha, as the City Council has already done in San Andrés.

The works have been awarded and the start depends on the collection of materials by the companies and the traffic organization made by the City Council to prevent the operators from coinciding.

The actions include the renovation of the sanitation and supply networks and the rest of the facilities. The mayor, Ignacio Gragera, has encouraged companies this Wednesday to take the opportunity to bury the cables.

If the extension of the so-called ‘single platform’ adds these other advantages, it also has the disadvantage of reducing parking spaces. The Consistory has just put out to tender the creation of a surface car park with 60 spaces in the Palacio de Godoy. These works include cleaning up the surroundings of the building and enhancing it as the passage between the river and the Old Town.

Reorganization of traffic in Puerta de Palmas

The works that have been carried out since this summer at the Puerta de Palmas now require a change in traffic management. Once the action in the first half of the square is finished, the operators will go to the other area and, in this way, the vehicles will have to change their transit through the Plaza de Reyes Católicos again.

The mayor, Ignacio Gragera, explained that the Local Police will give the details of the alternative in the coming days.


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