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Santiago Román, new mayor of Sant Joan until 2023 due to the pact with the PSOE

Santiago Román receives the command staff from the hands of his predecessor, the socialist Jaime Albero. The new mayor and the shield of Sant Joan in the background. | JOSE NAVARRO

The mayor of Cs Marcos Piña Roman was proclaimed mayor, who moments later promised his position. And his predecessor, Jaime Albero, gave him the staff of command. The applause was fused with the music of the Colla de la Agrupación musical La Paz. The new mayor shook the hands of all the councilors when the PP spokesman, Manuel Aracil, got up to give him a hug. It was Romanian who wanted to have a special gesture with his predecessor by narrowing Albero’s with both hands. And seconds later he gave an affectionate kiss to his partner, councilor and deputy for Culture for Cs, Julia Parra.

In his speech Román tried not to forget anyone, of all the public positions that covered him, starting with the president of the Provincial Council and the autonomous PP, Carlos Mazón, and the mayor of Alicante and president of the Mancomunidad de l’Alacantí, Luis Barcala. Going through mayors, deputies, spokespersons and provincial and autonomous councilors of Cs, PP, PSOE, or Compromís or Vox. And of those who are not, including his mother, who would be very proud.

“As Paco Seva would say, the municipalities are the trenches, you are here to listen, learn and give solutions to the neighbors,” he stated as a declaration of intent. From his pact with the PSOE, Romanian it considers that they are an “iron and stable government”. He considers himself a “office and street mayor” and reiterates that the Mayor’s Office will be open to all citizens. «My profile will always be that of a manager, not a protagonist, so that Saint John may it be the municipality that we all want, more prosperous, entrepreneurial, the Sant Juan of opportunities ”.

Santiago Román, new mayor of Sant Joan until 2023 due to the pact with the PSOE

In his speeches, We can, Vox and Compromís they were especially critical of the bipartisan management and the new mayor. The spokesman for Podemos, Ignacio Ferreiro, hoped “that the way this government does politics will change” and warned that the government team has not known how to work as a team. Gema Aleman de Vox agreed to claim the 2021 budget, a direct management of the new mayor. In order to Sergio Agueitos from Compromís, the bipartisan is not up to the needs of Sant Joan and complained that “Albero has not set the bar very high.” At the same time, he warned that “the mayor is more concerned about ending up as a Popular Party candidate.” To add that «today the PSOE hands over the mayor to the PP, and that is opening the door to the extreme right in this town.

The PP spokesman and ex-mayor, Manuel Aracil, broke the trend, for whom the criticisms do not touch on the day of the inauguration: “there is time for everything, and today it does not touch.” Thanked Tree his 6 years at the helm of the Mayor’s Office “because nobody is happy being mayor and leaving the most important thing, the family.” “We welcome the new mayor, with the best of intentions. Nobody wants to be mayor and do it wrong», Said of who was his spokesman in the PP and councilor for Urbanism. And he held out his hand to work together.

The winks of the PP and the presence of former Emilio Argüeso

Roman and Mazón do not hide their friendship forged when both were active in the New Generations of the PP. And there were mutual winks at the inauguration of the new mayor of Cs. The collapse of Cs as a party and the outstretched hand of the PP to add with the aim of reaching the Generalitat are a reality. As well as the presence of the former senator of Cs Emilio Argüeso, expelled by the party, and in full approach to rejoin the PP that motivated many comments.

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