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Santiago Segura and RTVE, splashed by the case of José Luis Moreno




television producer Joseph Louis Moreno, investigated in the National Court as the alleged ringleader of a macro-scam in ‘Operation Titella’, wanted to collect a “favorK that he would have done to the president of the PSOE, Cristina Narbona, to get an appointment with the then corporate general director of RTVE, Federico Montero, as reflected in his personal agendas, collected in a Civil Guard report to which Europa Press has had access.

“Cristina Narbona send name and possible appointment with Federico Montero, corporate general director,” Moreno wrote in his own handwriting on October 17, 2018, without giving more details.

However, the researchers recall that the name of the socialist leader already came out in a telephone conversation held on July 21, 2020 in which Moreno tells one of his employees that “he did Cristina Narbona a favor” which would have consisted to find a job for his brother-in-law.

Santiago Segura as ‘guarantee’

In addition, the Civil Guard points out that Moreno also turned to the actor and director Safe Santiago as a “guarantee” to sign a contract with Televisión Española worth more than 6 million euros.

The agents explain that Moreno and his ‘number two’, Antonio Aguilera, used the company Integral Mundox to sign an agreement with the public entity thanks to the “collaboration” of safe and after maintaining “numerous contacts and meetings” with the then president of RTVE José Antonio Sánchez and the directors of Content and Programming Antonio Luis Sevilla and Fernando López Puig.

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And Moreno He resorted to the well-known interpreter, the agents point out, because “he could not sign contracts” with TVE “because of the debts he had with the Treasury.” Thus, and “under the pretext of recording a new series that he was producing, he intended to sign a contract for an amount of 8 million euros.” «And since it was a small company, and without guarantees, he contacted Safe Santiago, which would serve as a guarantee, before this public entity, ”they add.

A series that was never shot

The aforementioned company, however, lacked “real activity and was expressly constituted” to close the “supposed production” of the series ‘Here I rule and dot com’, which “never took place”. “Therefore, all the income that this company obtained came from fraudulent financing sources,” say the researchers, who point out that “once this operation was uncovered, the company stopped acting.”

Some of his diary entries include allusions to the contract. «Close director contract and bite. Director TVE stay or talk see us », can be read in the photographs that accompany the report. “The expression ‘bite’ is known to all, making clear reference to the money or benefit obtained from an individual by an official or employee, with abuse of the powers of his office,” the agents state.

Finally, and “according to what has been known through the different lines of investigation, as well as the contracts and documents seized during the searches”, Segura used the company Amiguetes Entertainment SL, in collaboration with Integral Mundox Producciones to close in 2017 the contract for a total amount of €6,299,106.47.

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Two contracts with RTVE

The Civil Guard shows that, despite the fact that the law prohibits giving public contracts to those who are not up to date in meeting their tax obligations, Moreno managed to sign up to two contracts with RTVE with which he sought to receive 9,970,000 euros.

It also highlights the fact that Moreno ceded “free of charge” the intellectual property rights of ‘Here I rule and dot com’ to Martin Czehmester, a friend of the ventriloquist whom the agents profile as a figurehead in charge of Youmore TV, when the contract with RTVE was formally signed by Integral Mundox, with another alleged figurehead at the controls, Raúl Pontvianne, so that he could not assign rights any.

Of these corporate operations, the researchers also underline that Moreno gave Integral Mundox a credit of 1.8 million euros, placing this contracting company of the public entity as responsible for “a millionaire debt” that the television producer had dragged since 2008, “a circumstance that has nothing to do with the series ».

Following the trail of that credit through the pages of Moreno’s diaries, the Civil Guard establishes that he would have signed several contracts “usurping” Pontvianne’s identity.

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