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Sara Baras, bailaora: «I’m not one to stick to what works»

“I’ve been passionate since I was little.”

«The day my father died I had to dance and I danced, I thought: if I get over this I can handle whatever they throw at me»

Self-demanding by nature, Sara Baras leaves a rehearsal with more energy than she entered. “I take a good beating but it suits me very well.” At 50 years old, this Cadiz woman admits to being on a roll. She has just received the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts and she has dedicated it to her father, who was a colonel in the Marine Corps, “and the man of my life,” she says. She has also resumed the tour of the show ‘Alma’ and has been named ambassador of Andalusian Holy Week, a campaign that her motto is: ‘There is no small passion’.

-Are you of great passions?

-The truth is. The motto fits me perfectly. Not only when it comes to representing Andalusia, but in flamenco and in life. I’ve been passionate since I was little, heh, heh… And every time I return to my land I try to show that I have grown, that I am a little better.

-It is required.

Yes, that goes inside of me. Mine is evolution, not staying with what works. I respect whoever does it, but it’s not my case. I always try to climb a little step.

-Sometimes the very disciplined go too far.

– Measurement is very important. If you abuse something you are passionate about, your passion runs out. One of the tricks of life is to be able to do everything in its proper measure.

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-And at 50 have you already caught the trick to life?

-Yes. I’m going through a fantastic time. I think the best of my life.

-Has something special happened?

-No. But I feel very calm, very satisfied. Everything is very harmonious.

-Some have been depressed by the pandemic.

-I know, and the first thing is respect for all the people who have had a terrible time and who continue to suffer. But the pandemic has given me the opportunity to be very close to my family.

-The medal of Fine Arts was dedicated to his father. “She’s yours, Dad,” she said.

I have had and still have a true passion for my father. He is the most important person in my life. And all the awards I have always taken to him. We have had a beastly relationship. I dedicated the show ‘Alma’ to him because he was in love with boleros. My father passed away in January and he has given me the documentation of my entire career. He was always very proud of my stuff. That’s why when I collected the medal with my sister it was a very sad moment on the one hand, because of the loss, but also very beautiful. We are very proud to have had such a good father.

Doesn’t your mother get jealous?

My mother is very different. And because of the dance we have another relationship. She taught me to dance, our language is different. But they say that girls belong to their fathers and in our case it is like that. I always say that my father has been the man of my life.

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-Do you feel close to the soul of those who have left?

-Yes, what a coincidence that we named the show ‘Alma’. Now we continue to do it not only with our soul but with his, with my father’s. You feel something beyond. Dad died one day that I had to dance. And I danced. He made me like this. He was very responsible, very hardworking. And I thought: “If I get through this I can handle whatever they throw at me.” It was like learning to feel him and having him even closer.

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