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Sara Carbonero’s new life in Madrid: “I’m going to a bombing” | People

Profession is in his blood, he cannot deny it. She looks at the photos the photographer has just taken of her, she likes them; he is aware of the journalist’s notebook and the slightest movement of the pen; and even suggests at the end of a sentence that the headline of the interview has just given. Sara Carbonero is happy, serene, calm, with a certain halo of happiness. It does not pay much attention to the media; Her recent separation from Iker Casillas, to whom she had been attached for more than a decade, has placed her too far off the mark to face almost anything that has to do with the press. All this seasoned with a return to Spain after five years abroad and with a cancer from which he is recovering.

Even so, he sits down to talk when he is excited about the project he is carrying out. And he has several that burn him, of which he is willing to tell and explain. One of them is what brings her here: the new project of her fashion firm Slow Love, which she set up five years ago with her friend and partner Isabel Jiménez. “What we imagine at a friend’s lunch in the Telecinco dining room …”, she recalls. That has become a full-fledged company that the members have now sold to the Tendam group (owner of Springfield, Woman ‘Secret, Pedro del Hierro or Cortefiel, where you can buy, in addition to through their own website) but from the one that continue to maintain complete creative control. In fact, the spring collection that hangs on the racks around the presenter (and her partner, who also hangs out in the firm’s offices that afternoon) are pure Carbonero: it’s the kind of clothes that she likes, that she wears. newspaper and that has led her to become an icon of the national style with almost three million followers and Instagram.

She feels “very happy and excited” that this project – the first collection after the union with Tendam, which was signed a few weeks ago – see the light. “He is our child”, he says affectionately of Slow Love (which means “slow love”), and now they are left with “creation, with the most beautiful part”. “It was a dream and now that we are really seeing it I am very happy,” he explains about this project that he has been so excited about, that he always saw “different, like a whole lifestyle.” “When we created the brand, we didn’t really know what was going to happen, but the best thing is that we haven’t lost any of our identity. Not only in the designs but in the entire process, manufacturing, values ​​that we strive to uphold: sustainability, commitment to nature ”. And of course, that it had its essence: “I would wear everything,” he says, looking at the yellow, white, colorful garments. “There is a desire for heat, for summer, for normality. We all have sadness established and this excites you, encourages you ”.

The journalists and businesswomen Sara Carbonero and Isabel Jiménez;  in the center, the general director of Cortefiel, Marie Castellvi.
The journalists and businesswomen Sara Carbonero and Isabel Jiménez; in the center, the general director of Cortefiel, Marie Castellvi.

He acknowledges that during his five years in Porto it was complex to manage the firm, and that he did so with “meetings, many” with his partner, based on video calls. “When I went to live in Portugal it was difficult. But this is a very good moment, it has coincided with my return and I feel like it. I feel like it, but I just want everything. I’m signing up for a bombing! ”He laughs. “This is a good moment, there are times that we are in a stage more inward and other times, now, that we are more exploding. Let’s see how long it lasts ”.

Carbonero has plenty of good words for his partner, Isabel Jiménez, whom he considers “a very good person”, as well as “very intelligent”, and with whom he shares philosophy and values. “She is the brain of this and the architect that we are here today, in this union with Cortefiel. It got into his head. He is optimistic by nature, dreams big. I give it a bit of counterpoint ”, he laughs, recognizing that she tends to put her feet on the ground. That is why they get along so well, because they are pure balance. “We have never fought, really,” he reflects. “He is my perfect life co-driver right now. She is a good partner, a good comadre and a good friend ”. He says that it is key in his professional life but, without wanting to go into details and taking his situation for granted, “for the personal it is even more important.”

The communicator combines this work with her new stage at Radio Marca and also with her family, which she does “like so many, so many women.” “And I am probably luckier because I have help at home,” he reflects. “Taking away hours of sleep; although now I take better care of myself and sleep is important. What happens is that what I do has visibility, but it is the same that happens with any woman who works. I can manage! ”He laughs. He says that his days vary, but that he usually takes his children, Lucas and Martín, to school, and that he tries to pick them up as well as spending “the maximum quality time” with them. “We are in a very homely time, as we just moved in enjoying a bit of family … but we can hardly see each other,” he explains.

The project that excites her is her return to the radio where she started, on which she is very focused. “I started 15 years ago, there, as an intern. Going back was a bit crazy, a colleague suggested it to me. In the same vein of flow and of ‘I sign up for everything’ I saw that Radio Marca was the place, because it was home. I don’t want stress. I am enjoying going back to a known place like a child ”. Above all, he loves being able to do interviews with many friends, such as David Cantero or Pedro Piqueras, “the one I cheated on”, he laughs, and also many musicians, whether they are more or less well known.

Because music is his passion. As is traveling, or the sea, which he adores after his Portuguese stage. “It causes me a lot longing”, She admits, despite being“ very La Mancha ”. “My place is in Madrid for a thousand reasons, but living in a city like Porto, with that quality of life, with a different rhythm … makes you doubt. Now that’s slow love, slow life [vida lenta]”. The pandemic, he affirms, is “making a ball” and only asks “to end all this.” “And go away for a weekend, as before, when we did not value it”, especially now, after health, like that of his 96-year-old grandmother, is already assured with the vaccine. That’s what he wants: weekend getaways, sea and concerts. It’s what he misses the most. “Even the crowds!” He says. It has all the ingredients to sign up, soon, to any bombing.

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