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Sarkozy’s advice to Married to win

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Nicolas sarkozy he continues to be a political animal, a former French president who speaks better of Spain than many Spanish politicians, and who defends with strength and passion his weight in Europe, national unity and the Crown. Yesterday was Sarkozy’s day at the
national convention of the PP
and with his right-wing speech without complexes, of astonishing clarity in these lands, he ended up putting the audience on their feet.

Pablo Casado he is surrounding himself with European leaders throughout the convention to enhance his presidential and institutional profile. On Monday it premiered in Santiago with Margaritis Schinás, continued on Tuesday in Valladolid with Donald Tusk and Antonio Tajani, and yesterday, in Madrid with Jose Manuel Durao Barroso and Nicolas sarkozy. The PP leader invited the Frenchman to his convention before he was sentenced in March for crimes of corruption and influence peddling. Known the sentence, Casado wanted to keep the invitation standing so that he spoke of the ‘success’ of his management, for his work as head of the Interior and as president of the Republic. The criticism that he might receive completely slipped him.

Married and Sarkozy shared the table “The open society and its enemies”, and the French president took the opportunity to explain his vision of Spain, Europe and also of this PP, to which he ‘gave’ various advice. “I have always loved Spain, I don’t know why, but I love Spain, it is a reality,” confessed the former French president, who recalled that 11 years ago, in The ElyseeHe saw Casado for the first time and told him: “One day you will be President of the Government.” You didn’t need to be very smart. Just look at him, and we understand what he has in his heart.

Sarkozy clarified from the first moment, in case there were doubts, that he is from right. Thus, to dry. But that, he warned, does not mean being conservative, because he is not. Precisely, shortly before Durao Barroso had defended a center without complexes. Sarkozy sent the first advice to the PP: «You have to believe in our ideas. Do not be timid. You have to be very strong in convictions and very open in the practice of politics.

But he also recommended the PP to expand, in Genoa They use the verb to widen, to win the elections: «When one is strong, and you are strong, and one is powerful, and you are, the only strategy is to expand to reunite. We win when one expands. That is the winning way.

For Sarkozy it is essential to have a clear project, with firm principles and a strong leadership: «My advice is that you make the decisions that you have to take and explain to the Spanish the vision that you have. Those who agree to join the immense army of lovers of Spain, and those who do not agree, fight against you. Don’t let them stop you. And he gave one more piece of advice: whoever wants a simple life, who doesn’t get involved in politics.

Sarkozy was blunt in defending the unit of Spain: «There is only one united Spain, with a capital, which is Madrid, with a Crown, with a King, who represents the unity of Spain. And this cannot change. Never”.

The former French president agreed with Durao Barroso in his defense and pride for the european values. But he brushed against catastrophism when he warned that Europe must re-establish itself in its functioning or it will disappear from the map. He demanded a strong Europe, that is not anyone’s vassal, warned of the migratory pressure, which has only just begun, and strongly criticized those who speak and agree with the “murderers and cowards” of ETA. “It is an insult to the families of the victims,” ​​he sentenced.

Once the table was finished, Casado and Sarkozy visited the ‘Guernica’ and they had lunch together to seal their good relationship.

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