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Saturday March 12 Winter Storm Day: Warning Expanded Advisory Now For Annapolis – Just In Weather

Saturday March 12

Morning Report

Once again it looks like NWS is playing catch up, but I think we are all on the dame page now.  The Winter Storm Warning was EXPANDED east to include more suburbs. The Winter Weather Advisory now includes Annapolis and more of Southern Maryland.

The significance of this demonstrates an early change over and impact for more places close to the water. BWI hit 60ºF yesterday and yet the snow timing and intensity should be enough to overtake the pavement for impact this morning. 

This will be a rapidly changing weather day, it will be challenging to keep up this morning with the change over. I will try to post in my Live Updates page.

New Timeline Sliders below


Winter Storm Alerts


Quick Reference: 

  • Winter Storm Warning (pink): Snow 4 to 8 inches
  • Winter Weather Advisory (purple): 
  • Metro Baltimore.WashingtonL Snow 2 to 4 inches
  • Annapolis/So MD: 1 to 3 inches 
  • Blizzard Warning (red) For VA Blue Ridge
  • If your area is NOT colored in, there may be less stickage, but you still get in on falling snow/wind/and icing potential Saturday evening. 





  • Change Over To Snow This Morning
  • Snow will cover roads in Advisory/Warning Areas
  • Winds Gust to 55 mph
  • Delmarva may have thunder this morning, then snow this afternoon.
  • Hard Freeze By Evening… Ice through Sunday Morning
  • Turn Clocks FORWARD 1 Hour Tonight (and check smoke detectors)


Morning Set Up

Surface Weather

Heavy snow is moving in from the west. We expect a rapid change over in metro areas between 8 AM and 10 AM.

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Meanwhile heavy rain ad thunderstorms will cross southern Maryland and Delmarva this morning… they will get in on the snow later.


Morning Temperatures

The Freezing Line is fast approaching


Doppler Radar Snapshot at 7 AM

The snow appears to have changed over a little sooner in western suburbs. This will occur about an hour or two before surface temps drop to freezing.



Radar Simulation 7 AM to 7 PM

Compare Models 

HRRR Model



Timeline  NAM 3 Km Model —> slider

















Rapid Drop This Morning! All BELOW FREEZING Later Today.




SnapShot at 3 PM





TODAY March 12

Seasonal Snow: 14”


Normal Low in Baltimore:  32ºF

Record 12º F in  1900


Normal High in Baltimore: 52ºF

Record 86ºF 2021


Sunday Morning

Still in the Deep Freeze



Sunday Afternoon

The thawing will be slow…




Due to limitations of my schedule, I must direct you to the Winter Snow Page for regional snow maps.

Click to also see: Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey




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Winter Weather Page – Lots of resources



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*Disclaimer due to frequent questions:

I am aware there are some spelling and grammar typos. I have made a few public statements over the years, but if you are new here you may have missed it:

I have dyslexia, and found out at my second year at Cornell.  I didn’t stop me from getting my meteorology degree, and being first to get the AMS CBM in the Baltimore/Washington region. 

I do miss my mistakes in my own proofreading. The autocorrect spell check on my computer sometimes does an injustice to make it worse. 

All of the maps and information are accurate. The ‘wordy’ stuff can get sticky. 

There is no editor that can check my work when I need it and have it ready to send out in a newsworthy timeline. 

I accept this and perhaps proves what you read is really from me…

It’s part of my charm.



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