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Save 60% on select WW plans (Weight Watchers reimagined)

Save 60% on select WW (Weight Watchers Reinvented) plans during this flash sale.

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If you’re looking to make 2022 your healthiest year yet, WW (Weight Watchers reinvented) is here to help. During this 48-hour flash sale, you can save 60% and pay a $ 0 down payment on select WW plans. The deal, part of the Weight Watchers reimagined campaign, is only available in Today January 9 to Monday January 10So don’t put off fulfilling that healthy New Year’s Resolution any longer.

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The sale is available to new and returning members and applies to three- and six-month plans, including the Digital Plan for a self-guided experience. The Six month digital plan It regularly costs $ 21.95 per month plus a $ 20 startup fee, and WW says it’s the best value option. With this flash sale, you pay $ 0 for your first month and a discounted rate of $ 12.13 per month for the next five months until it automatically renews at full price, paying a total of $ 60.65 instead of $ 151.70. That’s a total savings of $ 91.05 over the course of six months ($ 41.95 in the first month and $ 9.82 per month for the next five months).

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The Digital 360 planTypically $ 29.95 per month plus a $ 20 start-up fee, it offers additional support from expert trainers and the WW community, along with exclusive on-demand wellness experiences on the app, such as nutrition classes and cooking demonstrations. Right now, select the Digital 360 six-month commitment plan and save a total of $ 119.85 over the course of six months ($ 49.95 in the first month and $ 13.98 per month for the next five months). You’ll pay $ 0 in the first month and $ 15.97 per month for the next five months until it automatically renews at full price, paying a total of $ 79.85 instead of $ 199.70.

Finally, there is the Unlimited workshops + digital plan for face-to-face accountability, through face-to-face workshops with WW trainers that are virtual at this time so you can participate from home. The six-month plan is typically $ 44.95 per month plus a $ 20 startup fee, but at this point, you’ll pay $ 0 for the first month followed by $ 23.17 per month for the next five until it automatically renews, paying a total of $ 115.85 instead of $ 289.70. That’s a total savings of $ 173.85 over the course of six months ($ 64.95 in the first month and $ 21.78 per month for the next five months). With each plan, please note that early termination fees may apply.

Rachel Moskowitz, Deputy Director of Audience Development, Review i tried ww twiceand it was successful the second time. She lost 30 pounds in the first year and has continued to keep the weight off, using the program to help shed pounds and keep her from gaining the dreaded “quarantine weight.”

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WW (Weight Watchers Reinvented) Flash Sale Ends Tomorrow, January 10th.  Buy now to save 60% on select plans.

The program works with a personalized calorie counting system, which it tracks along with workouts in the app or on the website. Based on your weight, height, gender and age, you will be awarded a certain number of SmartPoints per day. Food and beverages are assigned different points based on nutritional value. Foods high in saturated fat and sugar, for example, would be worth more points, while foods high in protein would be worth less. As you eat and drink, check them in to make sure you don’t go over your limit. Moskowitz says the process was tedious at first, but quickly became second nature.

In our comparison with NoomWe found WW to be the best option for those who want to learn more about food and nutrition, as the program offers a lot of guidance and structure. WW coaching and active social communities are also beneficial for those who need or appreciate a little extra motivation.

WW, which, after more than 50 years in business, was renamed by WW to encourage an overall healthy lifestyle rather than a strict diet, and Revised praises the program’s ability to help you change bad habits and become healthier beyond food.

60% flash sale on select plans in WW only runs from today, january 9 until Monday January 10, So start your healthy 2022 now!

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