Friday, September 17

Say goodbye to uncomfortable “matches”, Tinder integrates a new tool

The flirt app Tinder integrated a new tool so that its users have the option to block contacts from their agenda that they do not want to see as their possible “matches”.

And the application is looking for its users to avoid “Awkward encounters” with unwanted people, such as ex-partners, co-workers, or any other unwanted people.

The new Tinder feature

That’s why Tinder puts that tool with which unwanted contacts can be blocked of the users’ agenda, so that “matches” are not possible.

Since the intentions of Tinder is that its users feel comfortable when using its application to meet a couple, but avoiding unpleasant and uncomfortable “encounters”. That is why now it announces the integration of a new tool so that its users can search for a flirt or love, without problems.

And, according to a study of the application, 24% of Tinder users came across the profile of a relative and even a co-worker, which makes them go through a very uncomfortable and unwanted situation. .

Welcome to the “contact blocking” tool

In addition to the fact that 40% of Tinder users admitted that they have found a former partner in the application, a survey conducted by the application itself recently highlighted.

Tinder’s new tool is called “contact blocking”, which more than one will appreciate it and there will be thousands who will surely use it without hesitation.

The tool was announced, after the survey carried out in Tinder noted that more than 78% of users who participated in the survey, stated that they prefer not to see, not to be seen in the application.

Now that concern has been left behind with the “contact blocking” tool.

“We may not be able to avoid uncomfortable clashes in the cafeteria, but we are giving you more control over your Tinder experience,” he said Bernadette Morgan, Group Product Manager, Trust and Safety at Tinder.

New feature for peace of mind for Tinder members

“We are implementing Block Contacts as an additional resource that provides peace of mind to members by helping them create a worry-free space for them to generate new connections,” Morgan said.

According to Tinder, all members of the application can easily access the new feature, from their profile settings.

There you can choose the contacts you do not want to see or those you do not want to see, this works for contacts already on Tinder or decide to download it later.

Just enter the phone number or email of the people you don’t want to see or don’t want to be seen on Tinder.

The manager of Tinder, ensures that the “contact blocking”, it has already been successfully tested in Korea, India and Japan.

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