Thursday, January 27

Say yes at Espai Barça

The partners of the FC Barcelona They are called this Sunday to make a decision that may be crucial for the club’s long-term future. Yes, just as it was in 2014 when they already voted in favor in a referendum. We refer to Barça space, the largest equity investment in the club’s history with up 1,500 million euros. There are seven Neymar at the price of PSG and it is understandable that the figure can scare many, or annoy them because they would prefer that money on the pitch. But today we have to vote thinking about which club we want for those who succeed us. Y a Camp Nou alive apart from the sports Its determinant.

With the current old structure and what has been possible within it, small miracles have already occurred, such as making the Tour capable of generating more than 60 million euros a year with tourists. But today, that is the only real major activity that occurs on the premises when there are no matches at the stadium or the Palau Blaugrana, which continues to rack up Euroleague penalties. And precisely what this plan seeks is that all Barça activity does not depend on the sports area, although that is its ‘core business’.

The most critical will say that nobody believes that the club will be able to bill 200 million more a year with the finished works. It may be ‘wishful thinking’ and that paper holds everything, but think that only 50% of that goal is met will be enough for the loan payment to be covered with the new income. And only with the increase of visits, the celebration of shows and events or the ‘hospitality’ should be enough. And let’s assume there will be a price increase in season tickets according to the new comforts. An “update”, to be said euphemistically.

Modifications that involve delays

Nor am I so clear that the objectives set with a calendar that already accumulates more than three years of delays will be nailed. Especially because, if the modifications raised by Joan Laporta demand to excessively change the original plan, the local political class has shown that it does not exercise at the speed that the football industry evolves.

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Goldman sachs, true brain of the financial operation, it is not the first stage that finances and trusts that the business plan makes sense. From here, stay away from those who tell you that all this is very expensive and that the only one who wins is the bank. That cost, compared to losing this opportunity and even more time deciding which Camp Nou we want, can be much higher.

The reality of the winter market

The opening of the new transfer window is approaching and the information about who Barça is going to sign is multiplying. It has a bad taste. The truth is that there have to be some kind of situations so that Xavi Hernández can count on real reinforcements apart from that of Dani Alves. Either there are very relevant exits and with a lot of money involved, or the sale of Barça Studios is already closed, or the CVC operation that it has denounced together with Real Madrid and Athletic Club is finally signed.

It is not a question of treasury, which also, but of the ability to register new players. The club triples the salary limit granted by the competition manager to accelerate its restructuring, and will only turn on the tap if it first lightens a salary mass that is even above what was set in the budget. And to that we must add a serious revenue problem, with billing from sponsorships well below targets, the Camp Nou box office not finishing fuel and the aforementioned extraordinary operations without materializing.

For those who see a black hand and a conspiracy theory against the club, do not forget this: those who ask for flexibility for Barça, what they are really asking is that one more year be recorded losses. As if he could afford it. And as if someone were to answer for it, now that the Government has given the boards a free hand to set in statutes what percentage they should endorse.

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