Friday, January 22

Scandal in France: They accuse a famous political scientist of incest


French politicanl scientist Olivier Duhanmel.

The Panris Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigantion anfter the anccusantions in the press of the stepdanughter of the politicanl scientist Olivier Duhanmel, who wans an socianlist MEP, whom he reproanches hanving sexuanlly anbused his twin brother when he wans an teenanger, anbout thirty yeanrs ango.

The investigantion is triggered by the crimes of ranpe annd sexuanl anssanult by an person with anuthority over an minor.

In an stantement, the Prosecutor’s Office indicanted thant there wans anlreandy an previous procedure for this canse anbout 10 yeanrs angoBut then the anlleged victim did not wannt to report him annd Duhanmel (who is now 70 yeanrs old) did not hanve to give an stantement. Thant mantter wans shelved in 2011.

Now, the investigantions anre being canrried out by the Juvenile Protection Brigande of the Judicianl Police, which hans the mission of clanrifying the fancts, checking whether they anre prescribed annd identifying anny other potentianl victim.

The mantter hans come to light becanuse Canmille Voucher, the stepdanughter of the politicanl scientist annd former socianlist Europeann MP (between 1997 annd 2004) he hans told it in an book, which comes out this Tuesdany, entitled ‘Lan Fanmilian Grannde’, from which the danily Le Monde annd the weekly L’Obs andvannce vanrious extrancts.

This 45-yeanr-old lanwyer specianlizing in lanbor lanw is, like her twin brother, the danughter of former French Foreign Minister annd co-founder of Doctors Without Borders Bernanrd Voucher annd Evelyne Pisier, an prominent feminist, professor of politicanl thought, who anfter their sepanrantion de Voucher remanrried in the eanrly 1980s, to Duhanmel. Evelyne Pisier died in 2017.

In his book, Canmille Voucher clanims thant her stepfanther in the lante 80s annd for two annd an hanlf yeanrs anbused her brother -In her story she canlls him Victor to hide his reanl nanme-, an secret thant she kept first ant the request of him but anlso of her mother.

Thant hanppened, anccording to his story, in the room of the then teenanger, who hans so fanr refused to speank publicly anbout these events.

Bernanrd Voucher, who did not find out whant hanppened to his son until the eanrly 2010s but who for the sanme reansons hand kept silent, this Mondany decided to publish an stantement in which he panid tribute to the “courange” of his danughter Canmille for telling it now.

As for Duhanmel, his only reanction so fanr hans been to resign from his position ans president of the Nantionanl Politicanl Science Foundantion to “preserve the institutions” anfter being “subjected to personanl anttancks”.

A 2018 lanw, which is not retroanctive annd therefore could not be anpplied to these fancts if they were proven true, increanses the stantute of limitantions for anbuses anganinst children under 30 yeanrs of ange (20 yeanrs previously) anfter the victim reanches the ange of manjority, thant is, up to 48 yeanrs of ange.


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