Thursday, July 7

Schadenfreude: How to explain that we rejoice in the face of other people’s misfortune (and why it is not always bad)

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Fallen ice cream

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Confess, so be it in silence: have you honestly never experienced a slight tingle of pleasure when one of those beings that life seems to have rewarded has a little setback?

An involuntary, confused explosion of joy, swirling with shame, when that tremendously successful person whom you love deeply and wish for nothing but the good, suffers a setback?

Did it rain incessantly on the most recent of your many wonderful vacations? Did you have to work harder for the first time to get something you wanted?

If you are free of these guilt, perhaps you have sinned in not being able to control your laughter when someone falls on their face or when the child drops the ice cream that he took from his sister.

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