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Schools will have a coordinator against bullying next year

Schools will have a coordinator against bullying next year

Schools will have a coordinator against bullying next year

The next course, all educational centers, whether public, private or subsidized, must have a welfare and protection coordinator, who will be the reference figure in the centers to which children can go in case they are victims of violence, from the bullying to abuse or mistreatment.

These figures will be responsible for acting on suspicious cases and ensuring that the protocols against any form of violence against children are complied with. This was agreed on Monday by the sector conference on childhood, which brings together the autonomous communities and the Ministry of Social Rights, and which has agreed on a roadmap to deploy the measures contained in the law for the protection of children against violence , which was approved last May and is a pioneer in terms of the recognition of the rights of children and adolescents, but will require a large regulatory deployment by the autonomies and the ministry until it can be fully applied.

What will be the tasks of the student welfare and protection coordinator?

The student welfare and protection coordinator will be the reference figure in educational centers for all matters related to violence or its prevention. It will be supervised by the director and Its work will be, basically, that the protocols for the prevention of violence and good treatment are complied with.or. He will be the one to act in suspicious cases. Among their tasks, as specified in the law, will be that of promote training plans on prevention, early detection and protection of minors, for both staff and students themselves, that of identify with the educational community as the main reference for communications related to violence in the center or in its environment, and that of coordinate cases that require intervention by social services, as well as the security forces.

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The importance of training

Before this new news, the President of the association NACE (No To School Harassment) Carmen Cabestany declared the following in the delivery of the II Acknowledgments Say it all against bullying: Everything will depend on that person: their moral integrity, their honesty, their humanity, their commitment and their training. And I’m not talking about a theoretical training, but a training that raises awareness and sensitizes. And, on the other hand, let us bear in mind that, if that teacher has a conflict of interest, because he needs the center to claim it the following year, it will make his task difficult. Because in schools, bullying does not like. Therefore, I believe that training should be offered to all teachers, because a single person, like a single flower, does not make spring ”

In this sense, the program approved this Monday also contemplates that, in the second four-month period of 2022, the Sector Conference will agree on the general guidelines and guidelines of the basic training content curriculum that contribute to the preparation and development of specialized training, in the field of fundamental rights of childhood, aimed at professionals whose activity requires regular contact with minors. This program must take into account the gender perspective.


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