Saturday, January 29

SCID or bubble boy syndrome: how children born without an immune system live

  • Laura Plitt
  • BBC World News

David Vetter

Image source, Getty Images


NASA designed a special suit so that David Vetter could get out of his plastic bubble.

When Sarah was barely 10 days old, her mother Maria-Luiza Prioteasa began to notice that something was wrong with her daughter.

“He vomited a lot, he did not gain weight, he had diarrhea, the diaper irritated his skin until it left it bleeding,” he recalls.

“As I am very thin and I do not eat very healthy I thought that my milk was not good enough. So I tried feeding it for a week half with my milk and the rest with formula milk,” he continues.

But the attempts of this mother from South Yorkshire, in the center of the United Kingdom, did not give the results she expected: the baby continued to lose weight.

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