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Scientific societies consider it unwise to vaccinate by age groups

Vaccination yesterday at the Maigmó occupational diversity center in San Vicente.  |  INFORMATION

Vaccination yesterday at the Maigmó occupational diversity center in San Vicente. | INFORMATION

Scientific societies have been very critical of the change in the government’s vaccination strategy by age groups and demand that the new criteria be combined with the immunization of risk groups. The experts who lead the Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine, Rafael Ortí, and the Valencian Society, Juan Francisco Navarro, agree that the vaccination strategy by age offers many doubts to professionals and Navarro, a doctor at the General Hospital of Elche, was more There when considering that “it will not work and vaccines will be delayed because we are talking about millions of doses that must be properly prioritized.”

This scientist believes that the “bump” in the government’s strategy, which has included the age group between 45 and 55 in the vaccination plan, has to do with the actual availability of vaccines, “which is still very scarce.” Navarro said that the fact that the AstraZeneca drug cannot be used “not because it is not effective but because it has not yet been proven” poses a problem in the 55-65 age bracket, depending on the group. risk and if they are chronically ill.

The specialist recalled that in the Community there are a million people over 65 years, 10 million throughout Spain, and wondered at what time they will be immunized and with what type of vaccine. «I keep sticking with the risk groups strategy. If I have few vaccines, the first thing is to give them to patients who can develop a more serious covid ». In this sense, he said that the Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine prepared a document with 36 vaccination groups, which includes essential personnel who because of their work have multiple contacts to care for other people. The president of the state society also referred to this document that prioritizes groups based on the possibilities of suffering a serious disease with hospitalization and risk of death, such as obesity, bone marrow transplants, patients on dialysis, biological treatment, HIV or with your immunity compromised. “Both strategies must be combined. The age factor is important, but we must not forget the morbidity groups ».

The epidemiologist José María López Lozano considers it a mystery that the European Union is unable to force pharmaceutical laboratories to give an estimate of their rate of production. The expert believes that Spain has the capacity to have the population immunized in June “but there are no vaccines and the worst thing is that they don’t tell you when they are going to have them.” The professor of Public Health at the University of Elche, Ildefonso Hernández, believes that those at the highest risk of hospitalization and death must be vaccinated as soon as possible. “If those over 60 are immunized early, the pressure on care will be greatly reduced.”

The vaccination advanced yesterday with the large dependents in the day centers, such as the functional diversity of San Vicente. The vice president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra, has sent a letter to the second vice president and minister of Social Affairs, Pablo Iglesias, to intercede with the minister of Health and vaccinate caregivers along with their dependents. For its part, the PP of the Community will present motions in all municipalities to request the Consell reinforcement in Primary care.

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