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Scientific Wordle: what it is, how to play it and differences with the normal Wordle

we will explain what is and how to play the scientific Wordle, as well as its main differences with the conventional Wordle that we all know. It is an alternative created by Daniel Rodríguez himself, the creator of Wordle in Spanish, and which seeks to give the classic a twist to make it a little more complex and, incidentally, give you one more word every day.

So that you know everything about this new version, we are going to start by explaining what exactly the scientific Wordle is. Then we will tell you how to play and its basic mechanicsand we will finish by telling you the main differences with the normal Wordle.

What is the Scientific Wordle

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Wordle is a word guessing game created by Josh Wardle in October 2021, and which was adapted into Spanish by Daniel Rodríguez. It is the great fashion game that is sweeping the beginning of this 2022, in which you have to guess a word in six attempts, in which you are given no more clues than to tell you which letters you have put are inside the word.

The Scientific Wordle is a slightly different version of the traditional Wordle, since the words you have to guess are related to the world of science. Come on, there may be some more colloquial words related to science, but there may also be other more specific scientific jargon.

The mechanics remain the same, although in the case of the Scientific Wordle you have more letters for each word. The point is that you have to start the game by typing a word, and Wordle will tell you which letters of this word you got right, which ones you didn’t, and if they are in the right place or not. When you make an attempt you will see the results of that attempt, and you can try again.

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Both the Spanish Wordle and the Spanish Scientist are created by the same person, and both work through a simple website that does not collect data. Nor will you need to register or download any applicationthe website adapts to your screen, and if you access it from your mobile you will see it in a format adapted to your screen.

It is a leisurely game, not to spend hours on it, since you will only be able to guess one word a day. You enter the web, you play, and when you finish you have nothing more to do and you can leave until the next day. You can try to log back in from a device with a different IP, but the daily word is the same for everyone, which in turn makes it quite competitive.

Wordle is a game in which your strategy can matter and make things easier for you, that’s why at Xataka Basics we have a small guide with tricks to help you guess the Wordle word that can also be applied to the scientist. Also, if you have been wanting more, we have also told you how to play the words of previous days.

Wordle: 7 tricks and clues to guess the word of each day

How to play Scientific Wordle

Scientific Wordle

The first thing you have to do is enter the Wordle scientist website, from any device. When you do, you’ll be taken directly to the Wordle panel to start playing. It’s simple, you have to write a word and see the letters you have guessed rightwhich will have a different color depending on whether you guessed right:

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  • If the letter appears in greenit’s because you got it right and it’s in the word, and it’s also in the correct box for the word.
  • If the letter appears in yellowit is because it is in the word, but it is not in the correct box.
  • If the letter appears in yellow it is because you have not guessed right, and it is not in the word that you have to guess.

Therefore, the first thing you see when entering the web is the panel with all the grids blank. In it, you have to start typing a first word and pressing Enter, using the keyboard that appears on the web. Then, the results will be shown to you, putting the appropriate colors to the letters that you have guessed and those that you have not. When a letter isn’t in the word, it’s also disabled from the keyboard so you don’t accidentally type it and foolishly miss an opportunity.

The panel has six rows of words, which means that you have six attempts to guess the correct word. There is no time limit, so you can take as much as you need and this will not be taken into account for any kind of score. In the scientific panel, the words to guess have seven characters.

One thing you should know about the Wordles is that a letter or consonant may be repeated, though if you only write one, it won’t tell you there are two of them. In these cases, after guessing the right place for this letter or consonant, you can try a word that has two, and then you will be given indications of the second.

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Differences between Wordle and Scientific Wordle

Both Wordle and Scientific Wordle with the same game with two different approaches. The main difference is that the words of the scientific Wordle have to do with the world of science, which makes it a bit more complicated for people who don’t have this knowledge. They can be related colloquial words or more far-fetched scientific slang words.

The other big difference is that the words of the Scientific Wordle have seven characters instead of the five that the normal Wordle has. This in itself adds a plus of difficulty, since there are more letters and more combinations of letters between which you have to guess the word of each day.

Otherwise, everything is the same. The mechanics and the way of playing are the same, and you will also have a word a day to play. The only differences, therefore, are the type of words added and the length of these.

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