Friday, July 30

Scotland publishes a draft bill for a new independence referendum

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The government of Nicola Sturgeon has published the draft of a bill for the celebration of a second independence referendum in Scotland, which would take place once the pandemic is over and during “the first half of the new legislature”, which will begin after the elections next May. The document, which states that resident aliens in the country can go to the polls, proposes that the same system be used in the consultation as the one held in 2014, where voters will only have to choose between ‘yes’ or’ no ‘to the question’ should Scotland be a independent country? ‘ However, once the draft is approved, the wording of the consultation it would be revised by an independent electoral commission.

In announcing the publication of the bill, Sturgeon’s Minister for Constitutional Affairs and right-hand man, Michael Russell, said the immediate priority is “cope with the pandemic and keep the country safe ‘, but noted that’ better times are ahead ‘and that’ it should be the people living in Scotland who have the right to decide how we recover from the pandemic and what kind of country we want to build after the pandemic. crisis”.

Without Johnson’s consent

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly shown your opposition to this new consultation, to which you will not give your consent, an essential requirement for it to be valid. Labor and Liberal Democrats have also opposed the measure, who consider that it is not the time to reignite the independence dispute, since the nations that make up the United Kingdom should focus on recovery after the crisis caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Sturgeon has long argued that Brexit has caused a increased support for independence, since in the 2016 referendum, in which it was decided to leave the European Union, the majority of Scots voted in favor of staying in the community bloc, which would justify, according to the Scottish Chief Minister, the need to make a new independence consultation in the country.

‘Here in the UK the threat of Brexit looms. In a month’s time Scotland will be forced against our will to maintain a much more distant relationship with our friends across the European Union, ‘he said last December, just before the divorce was consummated. In addition, he warned that he will go to the Courts if necessary for them to rule if possible that the result is binding still without the support of Westminster.

But Johnson does not give his arm to twist, and in the last conference of the Scottish conservatives he thought that it seems to him “incredible that the SNP chooses this moment to promote again his campaign for separation. Just when everything begins to reopen again, when we are close to reuniting with our friends and family, the SNP believes that this is the time to turn us all against.

Russell assured, for his part, that if the Scottish Nationalist Party obtains a majority in the elections, “there is no no democratic justification so that no Westminster government blocks a post-pandemic referendum “and warned that” Scotland’s future should be a Scottish election. “

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