Thursday, December 9

Scotland’s big drug problem (and how it became the European epicenter of overdose deaths)

  • Norberto Paredes @norbertparedes
  • BBC News World

Homeless in Scotland.

Image source, Getty Images


According to experts, poverty, trauma and inequality are some of the factors that made Scotland the European capital of overdose deaths.

Kane Duffy, originally from Edinburgh, started using heroin when he was 14 and was on a prescription for methadone until he was 30.

Today, 14 years later, he works as a specialist therapist in a Scottish rehabilitation clinic and says he gives back to society everything they spent on him.

“All the time that the services dedicated to me, everything they prescribed me, every time the police had to intervene in my life … All these things add up to a huge amount of money (…). So I return it to the society through the work I do, “he told the BBC.

His is a story of overcoming, but there are thousands of Scots with addictions who have not done as well as Duffy.

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