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Screens: I prefer them small and playful

Mobile screens have undergone a great change in recent years, but there are still devices that resist making the leap to new technologies. Size is not everything, and for this reason, in general, I prefer a mobile with a compact but quality screen, to a large one with a mediocre screen. and you?

AMOLED screens, IPS LCD, LTPO or with creative names from the delirious minds of the brand’s marketing departments. Be that as it may, after years of analyzing mobiles, my favorite screens are always the small and playful ones.

In the world, apart from concebollistas and sincebollistas in the choice of tortilla (sincebollistas, you have no idea), there are users who they prefer mobiles with a large screen above all else.

Where there is a good 6.8-inch screen like the one on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that removes everything else, they say while trying to put a mobile the size of a stretcher table in their pocket.

The truth is that the latest Samsung Galaxy S22 has been impeccable in terms of screen quality, but if you have to choose a model for its screen, I prefer the Galaxy S22 to dry and its 6.1-inch diagonal. My pockets appreciate it.

You may think I’m a freak, my brother-in-law has the same thing, but that’s another story and I don’t think it has anything to do with my preference for mobiles with a small screen.

The size of cell phones has been growing in recent years and look, I’m sorry, my pockets don’t last anymore and, if I can choose, I prefer a mobile with a screen of less than 6.4 inchescompared to the large format diagonals that monopolize the high range.

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I’m not telling you anything if I tell you that today’s screens are much better than those of a couple of years ago. That is why I live with the enthusiasm of a schoolboy the arrival of high-performance screens in mid-range and low-end models.

At we measure the brightness of the screens ourselves. This allows us to objectively assess each screen from a technical point of view. Making these measurements has allowed me to see first-hand the enormous evolution in terms of quality of the screens that are reaching the medium and low range.

What phones under 200 euros like the Redmi Note 11 that we analyzed a few weeks ago, mount screens with the same brightness that until a couple of years ago were only available on mobiles of more than 1,000 euros is a considerable jump.

But that the brightness of the screens does not dazzle us like a rabbit in front of long lights, what about the refresh rate? In my opinion, the jump from 60 to 90 Hz is much more noticeable to the eye than the one from 90 to 120 Hz.

That is why the arrival of 90 Hz to mid-range mobile screens like the realme 9 Pro+ is one of the best news for users who, like me, are not comfortable on the large screens that are styled in the high range.

I am not capable of being an influencer even when it comes to choosing the family pizza at home, but more and more users, like me, prefer mobile phones with small screens. We are legion.

Apple, for example, has seen the ears of the wolf and positioned itself in this segment by inserting a model more compact in dimensions, but not in performance as is the iPhone 12 Mini, and the saga has continued with the iPhone 13 Mini that I have next to my keyboard right now.

The small mobile formula works because the brands have finally understood that a small mobile does not mean a mobile reduced in benefits. Then there’s the iPhone SE from 2022 that that is… well, the 2022 iPhone SE is something else.

It is a mobile that has a smaller screen diagonal, but still gives the same game in terms of brightness, refresh rate and quality as high-end models.

On many occasions, since the resolution of these compact screens is the same as the large screen models, but the surface of the screen is smaller, the pixel density of these compact phones is higher, so it improves sharpness by squeezing the pixels like canned sardines. That is, everything looks better on a compact mobile.

At this point, surely you have ever wondered what happens to games and series. We must look for the answer in the autonomy of the battery that these mobiles mount.

Its battery is so small that you don’t even consider using it to play games or watch series if you want to get to the end of the day. How does it happen to Samsung Galaxy S22 that I am testing right now and whose analysis we will publish in a few days. Nobody is perfect.

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It is true that mobile phones with large screens have their advantages and at no time do I discuss them and when I have to analyze one with a 6.7 or 6.9-inch screen, I enjoy them as long as it delivers good image quality, but I am not always completely comfortable with such a large mobile.

To play or to watch videos there is no better option, yes it is true, but before arguing that think about how many hours you spend watching with that content, and cHow many hours do you spend carrying a brick in your pocket?. If it makes it up to you, you have my respects.

Between bursting the pockets of my favorite jeans with a screen close to 7 inches, or using the mobile comfortably with one hand while I wait in line at the supermarket, I have it clear: I keep a mobile with a small screen, but playful, which we have come to enjoy in this world. And how do you like them?

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