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Sean Penn and Lelia George end their marriage after a year of marriage

Sean Penn and Leila George attend the event

Sean Penn and Leila George attend the “Meet Me In Australia” event benefiting Australia’s wildfire relief efforts at the Los Angeles Zoo on March 8, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

A new beginning begins in the love life of Sean Penn, who finds himself single again after 29-year-old Australian actress Lelia George, asked the 61-year-old actor for a divorce. Both artists had four years of courtship and only one as married.

According to the information on the portal People, George had presented the dissolution this Friday to the Superior Court of Los Angeles. It should be noted that Sean Penn and Lelia George were married in July 2020, this through an intimate ceremony with only a few loved ones present.s. Rumors of their nuptials began to escalate when they were seen wearing gold rings. Later, their friends began to congratulate them on Instagram long before Sean Penn confirmed the news to all his followers.

We had a Covid wedding. By that I mean he was a county commissioner in Zoom and we were at the house, my two sons and his brother. And we did it that way“, Expressed the actor a month later after the rumors began to increase. As is often the case in relationships and in each other’s personal lives, both Penn and George went through various adversities that, a priori, left some disagreements on their own regarding their breakup; Nevertheless, they both managed to keep their romance low-key and never tried to hide their relationship, mainly because they were not exhibited much on social networks, and on few occasions they were captured together at charity events or events.

Remember that This is Sean Penn’s third failed marriage, who began his acting career with a brief appearance in the 1914 series “Little House on the Prairie.” His first marriage occurred in 1985, when he married Madonna. The actor and the singer were considered as the fashionable couple on the whole planetBut they only managed to be together for four years in a marriage that was full of controversy and uncertainty, leaving the American press for granted that the two had irreconcilable differences. Also, the 61-year-old actor had to wait 11 years to marry Robin Wright in 1996, who is currently the mother of her two children (Dylan and Hopper).

Penn and Wright had ended their relationship in 2007 and were reconciled within five months.; although, that was a bad decision made by them, since in 2009 the celebrities broke up again, with the only difference that Robin Wright was the one who took the initiative to separate from Sean Penn.


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