Friday, September 24

Sean Penn refuses to return to filming the series ‘Gaslit’ until the entire team is vaccinated against covid-19 | People

Sean Penn has issued an ultimatum. With the positives in coronavirus on the rise in California, the actor, who is immersed in the filming of the series ‘Gaslit’ on the Watergate case, will not return to work until each and every one of the interpreters and members that make up are vaccinated the team. This has been confirmed by representatives of the 60-year-old artist to Variety magazine. Penn himself has offered to facilitate immunization through his non-profit organization Community Organized Relief Effort.

According to the publication, the series’ producer, NBC Universal, had already imposed mandatory vaccinations for those cast and crew members who work closely during the recording, even going so far as to provide a vaccination site for those involved, but This has not been enough for the actor, who stars in the production alongside Julia Roberts.

Since the pandemic began, the winner of two Oscars for his performances in Milk Y Mystic River, has turned to the fight against the virus. In April 2020, for example, it collaborated with the Los Angeles city council in the opening of a hospital center to carry out diagnostic tests and, on its Twitter wall, messages related to the vaccination process and data are frequent epidemiological. On the 17th, Penn himself shared a tweet in which he showed his conviction about the safety of vaccines and joked about other possible benefits. “As an anecdote, I have been told that vaccines are not only totally safe, but also help to burn weight. Healthier and slimmer in one dose, ”he wrote. Penn’s message as a public figure is not trivial in a country where the vaccination process has stalled as a result of skepticism that prevails in a not small percentage of the population. Since April, the vaccination rate has fallen by two-thirds.

Through its organization, Community Organized Relief Effort, Penn has provided one of the largest diagnostic testing sites in Los Angeles, administered more than 1.6 million vaccines, and performed more than 5 million screening tests. in various parts of the country such as Chicago, Georgia, California, Washington DC, North Carolina, New Orleans and on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Recently, on his way through the Cannes Film Festival to present the film Flag Day, the interpreter harshly criticized the management of the pandemic carried out by the Donald Trump Administration, assuring that he felt as “if someone with a machine gun was shooting at the most vulnerable communities from a turret in the White House.”

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