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Sean Strickland vs Jack Hermansson live fight stream | UFC Vegas 47 espn apex mma

Sean Strickland and Jack Hermansson clashed tonight (Sat., Feb. 5, 2022) in a main event Middleweight battle from inside UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, at UFC Vegas 47. Heading into this main event, the Middleweight division is fairly organized . Next week, Israel Adesanya will battle Robert Whittaker in an undisputed title fight, and Derek Brunson vs. Jared Cannonier will likely decide the next title fight. With all that in mind, tonight’s main event helped decide who is third in line, likely securing a later title eliminator match up.

Only one man in this striker vs. grappler match up could take a step toward the title. Follow along below for live updates and highlight clips:

Round One

Hermansson begins the fight with a chopping low kick, but Strickland starting snapping off his jab. Hermansson ducks into a takedown along the fence, and he manages to work behind Strickland briefly, Ultimately, however, Strickland breaks away and returns to the center. Hermansson is doing well with his kicks from him, but Strickland’s jab is sharp early. 1-1-2 scores for Strickland. The first round really came down to kicks vs. the jab, with neither man taking a clear lead. 10-9 Hermansson

Round Two

Hermansson remaining dedicated to attacking the lead leg. Strickland flicks some jabs, but he’s staying rather patient. Hermansson lands a body-head combination, but Strickland answers with a nice right around the guard. Strickland denies another takedown rather effortlessly then lands to the body. Strickland strings together a good sequence of lands with his lead hand. Strickland’s jab seems to be finding the target a bit more often, but these two are still working on really small margins. Strickland starts working his own front kick, then he drops Hermansson at the bell! 10-9 Strickland

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Round Three

Strickland seems to be growing in confidence, marching forward and throwing at least a bit more than in previous rounds. Hermansson continued to find success with the low kicks and little else. Strickland’s jab is SNAPPY! Strickland finishes a combination with a good kick to the body. Hermansson lands a couple punches to the body, but his accuracy on head shots is pretty miserable. Strickland digs a body shot. Strickland’s jab is keeping him in control, and it wins the round. 10-9 Strickland

Round Four

Hermansson begins the championship rounds with a sense of urgency, pressing and swinging wider. Hermansson gains good position on a single leg, but Strickland shuts it down. Cracking counter right scores for Strickland. Double jab finds a home for Strickland, but he takes an overhand afterward. The fight continues moving at its previous pace, as Strickland’s jab is winning exchanges, but he isn’t really chasing the finish. Hermansson did a bit better in the fourth overall, but he still needs a finish with five minutes remaining. 10-9 Strickland

Round Five

“The Joker” starts the final round was aggression and big swings, but Strickland continues to make him miss. Hermansson connects with a Superman punch. Hard 1-1-2 from Strickland scores, then right to the ribs. Hermansson is starting to do a better job of firing back with something anytime Strickland flicks a jab in his direction from him. Strickland sticks the nose, kicks the leg, and lands a counter. One more Hermansson takedown attempt is stuffed. The two end the fight with some exchanges and Strickland curse words. 10-9 Strickland

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Result: Sean Strickland defeats Jack Hermansson via split-decision (49-46, 47-48, 49-46)

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