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Search without quarter in Traspinedo: Where is Esther López?




Twenty-three days have passed since the disappearance of Esther López de la Rosa, the 35-year-old neighbor of Traspinedo who lost track between the night of January 12 and the early hours of that Thursday. With no indication of her whereabouts, so far none of the four popular searches, with hundreds of volunteers, have found her, but neither has the specialized device of the Civil Guard, which continues to comb the area. Divers submerged in wells, motorboats in the Douro River, drones, helicopters, agents with trained dogs.

Hoping to fuel the search and show that they don’t forget about it, Her relatives have released a video in which a happy and relaxed Esther is seen.

It’s just a few seconds of a Christmas dinner: she links her father with her arm in an affectionate gesture and looks at the camera. “It is one more proof of her good relationship, that she is a familiar and smiling girl, so that the case is not forgotten”, declared the mayor of Traspinedo, Javier Fernández.

The summary secrecy has tried to shield all the details of the investigation to the maximum. The authorities insist: nothing is ruled out. It is known that Esther went out that Wednesday night to watch the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona in a bar in Traspinedo.

Among alleged “contradictory” details in the versions of the friends questioned by the Civil Guard, it was made clear that he would have been at one of their houses and in another bar. Her friend Óscar maintains that he was driving her home, but that they argued because she did not want to return yet, and that is why she got off – between 2:30 and 3 o’clock – at the intersection of the N-122 with the La Maña restaurant, which is four kilometers from the old town of Traspinedo. In the establishment they affirmed that there had been no one in the place for a long time. During the week, they close at eleven.

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The family was slow to report the disappearance. He didn’t do it until the following Monday, January 17, so that’s 18 days of searching. “Our concern began to become great towards the second or third day,” the father of the missing person, Miguel López, explained to ABC. «The strange thing was that he did not call, because we thought that he could have gone with a friend to Penguins. But then we saw that no, “he recapitulated. “She is open and very approachable, but she always warned us. It is what there is not, the best you can have, ”her father described her. Time passed and she did not contact anyone, so the disappearance was classified as ‘forced’.

Inch by inch

But there has been one detainee and at least one other confirmed investigation. When on January 22, in the middle of a Saturday night, Ramón ‘El Manitas’ was arrested, the search seemed to speed up. For days, the Central Eye Inspection Team of the Civil Guard (ECIO) inspected the house and car inch by inch, before a suspect who refused to testify but who lived a few meters from that intersection, in the peaceful and silent area of ​​pine forests , near the river. The 48-year-old man assured his lawyer that he knew her but that she was innocent: “How was I going to do something like that to him?” He lamented, according to Ep.

He even went on a hunger strike to protest his detention, but after 72 hours and an extension of another 72, the judge deemed it appropriate to release him provisionally, although his passport was withdrawn and he has been forced to appear daily. Although some samples have yet to leave the laboratory, as indicated a few days ago by the sub-delegate of the Government in Valladolid, no conclusive finding has been reported against them.

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The group of friends concentrates another focus of suspicion. “You cannot know anything for sure or put your hand in the fire for anyone, but It is clear that it would be ‘a stick’ for the people if her friends or family were involved, ”says the mayor. And it is that on Wednesday the 26th, one of the friends who saw Esther the night of her disappearance went from being a witness to being investigated. CLG, also a resident of Traspinedo, had participated in the raids carried out in the town in search of Esther, according to Ical.

However, as the mayor himself acknowledges “there are not many official news.” The City Council shows its support for the family whenever it can. A thousand people gathered last Sunday to do the same. «This is a town, and each one comments and speaks, but the only clear thing that both the family and all of us have is the confidence in the operation, and that all that history that is gathering is a thread that, hopefully sooner rather than later, will lead us to it, “he insists.

Otherwise, rumors and unconfirmed stories are everywhere. unofficially, Esther’s mobile, which was turned off before six in the morning, could help locate her after being cloned, but no more is known about it at the moment because the agents follow that trail. And the signs continue everywhere: 1.65 tall, long brown hair, brown eyes. Shearling jacket, black jeans.

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