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Seat Mó reaches 70 points of sale in Spain

Seat Mó reaches 70 points of sale in Spain

Seat Mó reaches 70 points of sale in Spain

The urban mobility firm of Seat, Big shot, is meeting its national expansion objectives by reaching, as confirmed by the same company, the 70 official sales points in Spain, located in official Seat dealers. In these establishments, the Martorell firm will offer, in addition to its cars, Seat Mó products, the eScooter 125 and electric scooters eKickscooter 25 Y eKickscooter 65.

The vehicles of Big shot they are accessible through purchase or new modalities such as subscription. According to the brand, after a pilot test successfully passed in Barcelona, a flexible subscription model has been put in place for your electric motorbike for a price of 70 euros a week or 150 euros a month. This service is, for the moment, only available in the municipalities of the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona.

For those interested in getting it eScooter 125, the price marked by Big shot It is 4.950 euros, including the discount of 1.300 euros applicable if the buyer accepts the Moves III plan of aid for the purchase of electric vehicles and installation of chargers. Seat Mó also makes available to customers who cannot benefit from a financing model from three euros a day, 90 euros per month, for four years prior to the entry of 2.211 euros. Motorcycle buyers receive a free welcome pack that includes a jet or full face helmet Hebo, a security lock, a mobile phone holder and an auxiliary light for the helmet Smart Light with safety call function.

In parallel, el patinete eKickscooter 25 cost 449 euros and offers front and rear shock absorbers, plus a rear electric brake system. It has 25 kilometers of autonomy and its maximum speed is 25 km/h. It weighs 12.5 kilos and the recharging time is 3.5 hours. The motor is rated at 300W and the battery capacity is 187Wh. The eKickScooter 65 it has a price of 799 euros. It is designed by Seat and produced by the specialists of Segway (like the 25) and has a front drum brake and electric rear brake. It incorporates front and rear lights, offers three driving modes. The battery has 551 Wh and the motor has 350 W. The autonomy is of 65 kilometers and the maximum speed is 20 km/h. It weighs 19.1 kilos and the total load is in 6 hours.

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Seat Mó expands throughout Europe

At Seat Mó they are aware that there is a change in mentality and that they must offer services that are truly adapted to the moment we live in. With the pandemic, we have learned a new way of moving, and it is at this point that the message from Seat Mó hits hard. Mobility, sustainable, with renewable energy and putting the user (not the customer) at the center of a project that is global. The base plan has been developed in Barcelona to gain experience in the project (something they have already done with a year of operation), but the brand is clear that it is a model that is perfectly exportable to the large European cities of Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Sweden O Greece. Paris, Milan, Vienna or Madrid are in the spotlight. Seat Mó is not a startup full of illusion and little else. No. It is a consolidated brand, with prestige, guarantees and that also has that illusion.

The bet of Big shot is focused on developing a mobility project that makes it possible to actively contribute to designing the cities of the future that are 100% decarbonized and with zero emissions. As we said, from the outset, its offer includes scooters and electric scooters, in different formats adapted to the user: purchase, rental, subscription or ‘sharing‘. But it is not ruled out, in the not too distant future, to incorporate new mobility proposals.

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