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Seat starts production of the new Ibiza and Arona

Seat starts production of the new Ibiza and Arona

Seat starts production of the new Ibiza and Arona

The new Seat Ibiza and Seat Arona have started production at the Martorell plantnew Seat Ibiza and Seat Arona, with an updated exterior design and a completely updated interior. Since the first generation of the Seat IbizaSeat Ibiza, in 1984, it has become one of the most successful models of the Spanish firm, with approximately six million units sold. For its part, the urban SUV Seat AronaSeat Arona has also had a great impact on the market by selling around 400,000 units since its launch in 2017.

In the words of Herbert Steiner, Vice President of Production and Logistics of Seat: “The Seat Ibiza is an icon of the automotive industry and one of the key pillars of the brand, while the Arona was the second most produced Seat model last year. Both are fundamental for the Martorell factory, as they represent half of the plant’s production. The update they have just received will help the Ibiza and Arona to maintain their relevance within the brand. ”

The exterior design of the Seat Ibiza has been renewed with the incorporation of the faros 100% LED and the emblem with the designation of the model in handwritten typography. As for the Seat Arona, it adds to its range the new X-Perience finish, which reinforces the off-road image of the Urban SUV. The front of the Arona X-Perience optionally offers redesigned fog lamps located in a new position that enhance the off-road appearance of the vehicle.

As for the interior, both models have undergone a complete revolution. Both Ibiza and Arona contribute higher levels of functionality and quality to their rooms thanks to the new design language, the use of exclusive and elegant materials, and increased connectivity. The soft-touch center console in which the infotainment system is integrated with a larger floating screen and located in a higher position is striking. Ergonomics have also been improved and in addition, a new multifunction steering wheel covered in Nappa leather has been incorporated. Added to all this are the new air vents and the use of ambient lighting technology.

The new Seat Ibiza and Arona offer a full connectivity inside and outside the vehicle. Wireless connection to Apple CarPlay y Android Auto is done through sistema Full Link, while abroad, the system Seat Connect is responsible for linking the car with the user.

Regarding safety, new driver assistance systems, such as the Travel Assistant and Adaptive Cruise Control, offer a level 2 semi-autonomous driving at any speed. In addition, thanks to the lateral assistant, the recognition of traffic signs and the assistant of high beams, both models rank at the top in terms of safety.

Finally, it should be noted that the Seat Ibiza and the Seat Arona have a mechanical offer made up of gasoline and compressed natural gas engines, with powers of between 80 hp and 150 hp in the Ibiza and between 90 hp and 150 hp in the Arona. Both models can be paired with a dual-clutch DSG automatic or manual transmission.

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